Premier Biomedical Inc. (OTC: BIEI), now known as Premier Graphene, Inc., specifies plans and timing for development of its Full Scale, Seed To Product Delivery, Graphene Initiative

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Premier, N/K/A Premier Graphene, Inc., Schedules Its New, Diverse Graphene Initiatives with its new CE


Knoxville, TN, Feb. 28, 2023 — McapMediaWire  — Premier Biomedical Inc., now known as Premier Graphene, Inc. (OTC: BIEI), funded by a public charity, qualified under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), announces its active pursuit of and the timing of each step of its first graphene-related initiatives.

Ivan Mendez, its new CEO, and its research partners, our actively researching and preparing hemp-based graphene-enhanced formulations for a myriad of commercial and military applications. Those, initiatives, short-term and long-term, include: concrete, asphalt, 3D printing filaments, ballistic armor, UHMW polyethylene, an anti-viral / anti-bacterial multi-surface coating, fireproof polyurethane insulation expansion foams, anti-abrasion coatings, and neat & recycled PET, HDPE, and other polymers. Premier will focus on Hemp based graphene production for its sustainability and enhanced availability for a 3D heat printing machine, production line for helmets, doors and ballistic plates. It will also explore graphene implementation with regard to EV batteries, aerospace and bio-composites use.

Mr. Mendez and his team have determined that “hemp-based graphene is a game-changer, not only for technological reasons but also to assure the cost-effectiveness.” The company is working on a four-month growth cycle, three growth cycles per year, of the hemp, for stock and biomass. This will give Premier an edge over mined graphite for graphene or lithium, which are more expensive to produce and the supply chain less reliable. Since this stock and biomass is often disposed of by other growers, a virtually endless inexpensive supply of the requisite components for this endeavor our anticipated, nationwide. Hemp-based graphene has been shown to be 300 x better than lithium and stronger than regular graphene and less polluting. This enhances our position to secure carbon credits as an additional source of revenue.

This will make Premier Graphene Inc. an up-and-coming leader in the carbon capture market. Mr. Mendez highlights that “hemp requires little water, no pesticides, and is better at carbon sequestration than trees.” We are focusing on seed to point of sale production making us a vertically integrated, sustainable business model.

Premier’s next months will be focused as follows:

March- April 2023 – finish details of and parameters of agreement with Mexican-based Hemp Company, HGI industrial technologies S.A de P.I. Then commencement of the procurement of, and new equipment set up (annealing oven, high-temp printer); compound PA-6 nylon and PEEK with graphene; extrude compounded material into filaments; coupon printing and mechanical properties testing, including low-impact tests, begin follow up hemp research at IVCRC (Imperial Valley Conservation and Research Center). Begin relationship with OSU’s Global Hemp Initiative, to become part of this initiative.

May-Jul 2023 – computer modeling; body scan equipment optimization; scanning of assorted body types; file conversion to printable files; assessment of mechanical properties of filament blends; preliminary ballistic testing of 10cm x 10cm plates.

Aug-Nov 2023 – Compounding and extrusion of optimized filaments; printing of assorted plates and helmets (standard sizes).

Dec- Mar 2024 – finish Mexico Hemp licensing with associates, start production and service contracts. We should begin ballistic testing; additional plate printing, as required; printing of prototype plates and helmets from 3D body scans (this could be done much sooner); amendments as required.

Apr-Jun 2024 – micro-analysis of impacted plates; chemical testing of final plates; additional plate printing and testing as needed; final project analysis and reporting.

New CEO and majority preferred stock owner CEO Ivan Mendez states “I believe we have an excellent opportunity to become a major player in strategic resources production we will be self-reliant, and be able to supply the resources for our American emerging super capacitor and EV markets, making our supply strategically placed so we won’t have the same shortages problem we had during the Pandemic.”


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