Premier Biomedical Inc. (OTC: BIEI), now known as Premier Graphene, Inc., collaborates with Oklahoma Based “Biographene Technology Inc”, for its Graphene Production

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These graphene products, manufactured by Biographene Technology,  its proprietary Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) sourced from Hemp Fiber for a high-grade production capacity of five tons per week of graphene


Knoxville, TN, March 16, 2023 — McapMediaWire  — Premier Biomedical Inc., now known as Premier Graphene, Inc. (OTC: BIEI), relocating to Imperial Valley CA, announces its acquisition of a partial ownership in  Oklahoma Based “Biographene Technology Inc”, An innovative leader in the bio graphene industry, headed by its chief scientist, Michael McDonnough.

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Premier Graphene Inc focuses on cost-effective, green technology of scientific applications, including hemp-based graphene enhanced formulations for a myriad of biomedical, commercial and military applications. These applications include: concrete, asphalt, 3D printing filaments, ballistic armor, UHMW polyethylene, an anti-viral / anti-bacterial multi-surface coating, fireproof polyurethane insulation expansion foams, anti-abrasion coatings, and neat & recycled PET, HDPE, and other polymers. Its partner in pursuit of these applications is Oklahoma Based Biographene Technology Inc. “After weeks of due diligence and negotiation, we have reached an agreement” reports Premier Graphene Inc senior consultant Pedro Mendez and brother of CEO Ivan Mendez.

Ivan Mendez CEO of Premier Graphene Inc. explains “Premier Graphene and its officers and directors welcome Biographene Technology Inc.’s CEO, Adam Havig and its chief scientist in charge of product development, Michael McDonnough to our family. With them on board, we have most of the pieces needed for the most technical part of graphene production in North America. Separately, Premier Graphene, Inc. will be securing the raw materials, hemp, for the high-grade production of graphene. I believe that this association will provide us with yet another critical piece that we can employ for a successful endeavor in this burgeoning, incredibly efficacious arena”.

Adam Havig, CEO of Biographene Technology Inc., added, “We are excited to partner with the Premier Graphene Inc. With this agreement, we can further meet our goals as becoming one of the industry’s premier leaders in the graphene and bio-graphite replacement market. Within the next year, we expect our production facility to be able to produce up to 15,000 tons per year.”

Premier Graphene Inc’s production program will be an eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective process. They are designed to be bio-enhanced/bio-beneficial (more than just eco-friendly but carbon negative) products. Such products will include graphene-enhanced concrete, superconductive graphene products and electric batteries with enhanced capacity. They will also be lightweight in order to achieve certain unparalleled benefits, including for electric vehicles, aerospace, military and other commercial applications. Epidemiologic Solutions Corporation, a public charity, is donating $150,000, for no consideration. This will enable Premier Graphene to own 10% of Biographene Technology. More importantly, however, it will enable both to acquire, used equipment and repurpose it at a collective cost of approximately 10% of the cost if acquired unused. We will be able to acquire low cost, but highly suitable hemp as the raw material for a high-grade and highly efficacious, most suitable form of graphene possible. Ultimately, with this talented scientific team we are confident that these strategies will result in high quality, highly innovative, products at a more reasonable price in this highly competitive market.


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About Premier Graphene, Inc. (OTC: BIEI): Engaged in a holding company reorganization so that the parent company, renamed from “Premier Biomedical Inc.”, has almost no convertible debentures (less than $20,000) outstanding. As a result, the successor issuer public company, Premier Graphene, Inc., has nearly no debt. The predecessor issuer’s debt remains in the original company, now a subsidiary of the publicly traded company. The Company is traded on the OTC Market, in full compliance with OTC Market reporting requirements. Premier Graphene, Inc. is in the process of a single corporate action – changing its name with FINRA and thus OTC Markets. Its articles of incorporation prohibit a reverse split. It is involved in the development of sophisticated products utilizing the unique characteristics of graphene, partnering with various related corporations and unrelated corporations.

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