Pokemon Go Players Have Spent This Much So Far

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Pokemon Go has been one of the biggest sensations to ever hit the planet. Since the game launched, players of the “augmented reality” mobile game spent over $250 million just in its first few weeks.

According to an international survey, the figures may be on the way to hitting $1 billion in sales.

A survey of nearly 50,000 people from the UK, US and Germany by pollster YouGov, said that one in five players of Pokémon Go spends money within the smartphone app — with 11 million paying users in the UK and US alone.

To play Pokemon Go, players use their smartphone’s GPS to find, capture, then fight and train virtual pokemon creatures.

These creatures are superimposed into the real world via their camera.

Players can purchase items to advance the game, including coins, eggs and incubators.

In-app payments for the game crossed $268 million within five weeks of launch, says YouGov.

“Our research is showing that spend levels in five weeks in just three countries is over a quarter of a billion dollars,” said Stephen Harmston, head of YouGov Reports. “Start projecting that over time and across 72 countries where Pokémon Go is available and you’ll see how quickly this will become a $1 billion run-rate game.”