PA’s First Dem. Female Attorney General Convicted Of Perjury

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Attorney General Kathleen Kane was the first Democrat and first woman elected to the office, and it doesn’t look like she has done a good job.

Jurors announced their verdict on Monday. Kane was convicted of all nine charges against her in a perjury and obstruction case related to a grand jury leak.

Prosecuters had argued that Kane leaked information about a 2009 grand jury probe to embarrass a rival prosecutor. The jury agreed.
Kane insists she’s innocent and says she will appeal. Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf has renewed calls for her to resign, saying she should “do what is right” by putting the state’s residents first.

A lawyer representing Kane had argued that her former top aides were responsible for the leak, which found its way to a newspaper.

Kane’s chief deputy, Adrian King, sent the files to a reporter through Kane’s political consultant. King and the consultant, Josh Morrow, testified against Kane last week.

50-year old Kane faces up to seven years in prison for perjury while the misdemeanor charges included conspiracy, official oppression and false swearing.