Officer Get Starbucks Cups with ‘Pig’ Written on Them

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Starbucks is in hot water again, and this time it’s with the Oklahoma police.

Recently a police chief in Oklahoma has said that an officer bought Starbucks for 911 dispatchers who were working on Thanksgiving and found the word “PIG” written on the cups’ labels.

LENPOOL, Okla. (AP) — An Oklahoma police chief says an officer bought Starbucks for 911 dispatchers working on Thanksgiving only to find that the word “PIG” was printed on the cups’ labels.

Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O’Mara was notified by the officer who called the store and spoke to a manager. O’Mara says they offered to reprint the computer-generated labels, but he took to social media and posted the photo which has gone viral.

The officer told KTUL-TV that the employee reached out to him personally and apologized for the joke.

Starbucks spokesperson Jory Mendes has stated that Starbucks is deeply sorry and has apologized to the officer who received the five cups.

Mory also said the barista has been suspended pending the outcome of the internal investigation.