Michelle Obama Had An Amazing Response When Asked To Run For President

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After Donald Trump won the election last week, #Michelle2020 became the new trending hashtag with people all over asking Michelle Obama to be the next running candidate.

One user, Happy J, tweeted, “🗣MICHELLE 🗣 IF 🗣 YOU 🗣 RUN 🗣 FOR 🗣 PRESIDENT 🗣 2020 🗣 I 🗣 WILL 🗣 EAT 🗣 ALL 🗣 MY 🗣 VEGGIES 🗣 AND 🗣DO 🗣 GREAT 🗣 IN 🗣 SCHOOL 🗣 PLEASE 🗣 ”

While the first lady was addressing Veteran’s homelessness in the Whte House, someone yelled from the audience, “Run for president!”

She laughed and responded, “You be quiet back there.”

This answer doesn’t mean she may not run, so we still have four years to hope.