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NEW YORK, March 15, 2023 — McapMediaWire — Madison Technologies, Inc., (OTC: MDEX) (the “Company”) is proud to unveil BLOCKCHAIN TV…a 24/7 news and entertainment network soon to launch in April/May of this year. 

It is broadcast and streamed live for all things Blockchain: Crypto currencies, Metaverse, Web 3, NFT, and AI. BLOCKCHAIN TV is a single source of truth investors can turn to for breaking news, regulatory updates, expert perspectives from leaders in the industry and cutting-edge entertainment, including documentaries, reality shows, game shows and more.  

BLOCKCHAIN TV is a single, convenient and trusted source of truth.  Crypto is highly unpredictable and changes are coming, but no reliable news source exists to keep investors informed in real time.  There is a significant void in the blockchain community.  More than ever there is a need for credible, reliable and consistent crypto news. 

“We need truth, facts and the right insights. A new movement is here…a movement against mainstream media.  BLOCKCHAIN TV is first to market with revolutionary potential, the way FOX and CNBC transformed news and the way MTV revolutionized music”, states CEO, Philip Falcone. 

The company has pivoted from acquiring TV stations across the nation to developing the BLOCKCHAIN TV broadcast and streaming network.  Negotiations are already in place to sell existing tv stations of which those proceeds will go towards debt reduction and working capital.  2023 projections have the company in 15-20 million households with revenues at approximately $20M.  Fox and CNBC started much the same way growing into the media giants they are today.  Madison Technologies reached an agreement with TMG to manage the broadcast production.  TMG is lead by Tore Stautland, the creator of The News Forum, an independent news network broadcast in Canada.  

Mr. Falcone says: “We look forward to updating the investing community much more frequently now that BLOCKCHAIN TV has gone from concept to reality. is just a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes.  Thank you to our loyal shareholders, both current and future”!

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About Madison Technolgies, Inc.
Madison Technologies, Inc. is a television broadcast and production company building out a broadcast and streaming network to capitalize on the growth opportunity in the blockchain space. The company’s strategy is to focus on in-house proprietary content creation as well as securing third-party content for a 24/7 blockchain-only news, information, and entertainment network.

Forward-Looking Statements

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