LinkedIn (LNKD) Founder Offers $5M To See This From Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has been very private when it comes to his tax returns and his health. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, has donated up to $5 million to charity (he can do this, he’s a billionaire) to see if Donald Trump will release his income tax returns.

If Trump refuses.. there goes his opportunity to give to charity. However, if the Republican nominee releases his returns before the final presidential debate on October 19, the CrowdPac effort launched by Marine Corp veteran Pete Kiernan will donate the money raised to a handful of veterans groups.

After Hoffman’s attention to the matter, the campaign beat its initial target in just a few hours. Hoffman had said he would contribute to the campaign with a donation equal to quintuplethe total raised, up to $5 million.

“Given Trump’s vocal support of veterans, I imagine he will recognize the great good that can come from Kiernan’s proposal,” Hoffman said.

Disclaimer: We have no position in LinkedIn Common Stock (NYSE: LNKD) and have not been compensated for this article.