L.L. Bean Has an Invisible Advertisement that Can Only Be Read Here

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L.L. Bean, an outdoor clothing retailer, has a new announcement that once people figure out how to read, is actually pretty cool.

The retailer has made an invisible announcement that can only be visible for reading, outside.

The ad, which features the sentence, “Be an outsider” ran in the new York Times this past Friday. It can only be read when viewed in sunlight and the lines read, “Just step outside your front door, and you’ve arrived. You can forget your age, your worries, even your bathing suit. Just don’t forget to bring your friends.”

L.L. Bean worked with The Via Agency to create the ad and it was produced using photochromic ink.

A spokesperson for The Via Agency told CNBC, “As part of L.L.Bean’s ‘Be an Outsider’ campaign, The VIA Agency wrote a manifesto to serve as an invitation to all people to join L.L.Bean outside, because outside is where we all belong.”

So an add that tells you to be an outsider, can only be read if you are outside. It’s genius.