Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Sues Subway Over Husband’s Child Abuse

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Jared Fogle used to be the pitchman for Subway, after successfully losing 200 lbs in college by eating sandwiches from the popular restaurant chain. Today Fogle is sitting in prison after pleading guilty to one count each of distributing and receiving child porn as well as traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a child. He is serving fifteen years for these acts.

Fogle’s ex-wife Katie McLaughlin has decided to sue Subway for damages. She says the company received at least three reports indicating her ex-husband’s sexual interest in children but did not take proper action. Instead the company kept him on as a spokesman.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and alleges that Subway allowed Fogle to spend significant time in elementary schools promoting the chain after learning of allegations against him beginning as early as 2004. The lawsuit also alleges that McLaughlin and her children sustained injury, pain and suffering because Subway failed to act properly.

She filed the lawsuit in Hamilton County Superior Court and said in a news conference that she has questions about Subway’s actions and inactions and wants to someday have answers for the two children that she had with Fogle.

“Questions like: What did Subway know? When did they know it? What investigations did they conduct? Did they ever notify the authorities?” said McLaughlin.

“Finding out your husband and the father of your children is a child predator and knowing that his job involved visiting schools on a regular basis is devastating,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin married Fogle in 2010 and has said that she never would have married him if Subway had warned her or reported him to authorities.

A statement was issued by Subway saying that the company could not comment on pending legal action.