Investor Alert: Revolutionary Opportunity to Be Part of a High-Tech Solution to Society’s Growing Active Shooter Threat

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Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTF) is a Global Leader in the Rapidly-Growing Covert Threat Detection Space

The ever-increasing threat of violent activities has changed our world forever.

With multiple mass murders at our schools, live concert events, theaters and other venues…the question is asked over and over:

How can we ensure safety at these venues without creating a fortress-like environment that potentially bankrupts businesses and terrifies the general public?

This unfortunate scenario has led to rapid growth in the security and threat detection industries.

In fact, according to a report published by MarketsandMarkets, the threat detection systems market is projected to grow from US $48.38 billion in 2015 to US $119.17 billion by 2022.i

In the midst of this growth comes a company that is quickly establishing a strong reputation – and new partnerships with Cisco, IBM and Raytheon – thanks to its multi-sensor approach to threat detection and its employment of game-changing artificial intelligence.

That company is Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTF), a Toronto-based company, with a “Hall of Fame”-caliber advisory team, that offers investors an opportunity to be a part of a high-tech solution to this growing global problem.

Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTF) is a forward-thinking company whose mission is to deliver innovative threat detection and counter-terrorism solutions for safer communities.

The Company’s PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform provides a network of advanced sensor technologies with powerful next generation AI/machine learning software.

Part of what makes this threat detection platform so unique is that it can be covertly deployed from far perimeter to interiors across multiple weapons-restricted facilities.

The PATSCAN™ platform identifies and reports threats wherever required; from car park… to building approach… to employee & public entryways to inside buildings. Each PATSCAN solution identifies weapons, related threats or disturbances for immediate security response.

Patriot One’s Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform Offers Cutting-Edge Technology and Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence

Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTFis moving quickly to move its revolutionary technology ahead in order to address the growing global need for effective Active Threat management, including active shooter and terrorist events, in an increasingly threatened world.

By offering an unobtrusive, layered, multi-sensor method to threat detection, Patriot One Technologies is able to harden buildings, inside and out, without creating a fortress-like environment for the general public.

The revolutionary PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform is currently in paid client trials across North America. Each security system integrator or company is conducting their own test of the PATSCAN™ suite with select clients or their own properties.

Following these paid pilots, these companies will look to purchase additional PATSCAN™ solutions for their clients and their additional facilities, as well as sell the solutions to new clients. In addition, other Patriot One reseller clients will be able to purchase these PATSCAN™ solutions for their end-user clients around the world.

As you consider the potential market for Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTF) and its threat detection / counter-terrorism solutions, take a moment to learn more about the three components of the Company’s Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform…

Multi-Sensor Platform Component #1: PATSCAN™ CMR Cognitive Microwave Radar

The PATSCAN™ CMR is a first-in-class covert primary screening system for the detection of on-body concealed weapons at access points of weapons-restricted buildings and facilities.

PATSCAN™ CMR is an easily concealed, cost-effective and non-invasive full body scanning technology that is proven, practical and safe.

Combining machine learning and radar resonance sensing (i.e.: cognitive microwave radar technology), the PATSCAN™ CMR offers stand-off detection in public and private scenarios.

The system acts as an automatic warning system for individual on-body screening for concealed weapons, such a rifles and bombs which are causing many of these tragedies.  Low power broad-band microwave emissions interrogate and compare specific patterns to a database of known electronic weapons signatures.

The PATSCAN™ CMR is further enhanced by its unique cognitive ability to go beyond detection in order to continuously learn new weapon profiles, assess threats, and dramatically increase command and control decision making.

Multi-Sensor Platform Component #2: PATSCAN™ VRS Video Threat Recognition

Through proprietary automation and computer vision software technology, the PATSCAN™ VRS (video recognition system) dramatically increases detection probability of weapons, public disturbances, suspicious behaviors and incident identification.

The PATSCAN™ VRS uses artificial intelligence coupled with video surveillance and active monitoring to detect and inform security personnel of active threats, public disturbances, unusual behavior or items, and terrorist activity.

Leveraging machine learning the technology isolates, identifies, categorizes and displays anomalous events well before average human security operators could react due to multi-camera overload. Timely action limits violent events.

The PATSCAN™ VRS detects:

  • Guns, rifles & bombs
  • Fights & public disturbances
  • Intrusions & break-ins
  • Suspicious items & behavior

Multi-Sensor Platform Component #3: PATSCAN™ STS Powered by Sotech Secure

Employing proprietary multi-plane splicing technology, the PATSCAN™ STS is a multi-chemical threat detection sensor designed to rapidly detect trace airborne chemicals with a parts-per-billion sensitivity.

This innovative technology allows for the detection, identification and tracking of trace explosives, chemical warfare agents, volatile organics, nerve agents and narcotics.  Sotech Secure is a joint venture between Patriot One Technologies and Nano Bio Detection.

PATSCAN™ STS Threats Detected:

  • Explosives
  • Gun Powder
  • Chemical Warfare Agents
  • Volatile Organics
  • Nerve Agents
  • Narcotics
  • Fentanyl

Breaking News: Patriot One Signs Substantial Reseller Agreement for Deployment of PATSCAN™ VRS Solution with Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc.

On May 23, 2019 Patriot One Technologies, Inc. announced that it had entered into a binding reseller agreement with West Virginia-based Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc. to distribute Patriot One’s PATSCAN VRS commercial units.

The agreement is for an initial term of five years, and pursuant to the Agreement Cramer Security has acquired an initial 3-year lease of the solution as a first phase approach to deploying the PATSCAN multi-sensor covert threat detection platform across a broad range of its end customers.

The Agreement requires Cramer Security to use its commercially best efforts to deploy at least 150 PATSCAN VRS systems, including associated software license, maintenance and support, which, provided the minimum yearly commitment is met, represents a value of $6,285,166 CAD ($4,672,800 USD) over this 3-year lease period.

The Agreement includes minimum yearly sales requirements in order for Cramer Security to maintain its System pricing equal to 50 Systems in the first year, no less than 100 Systems by the end of the second year, and no less than 150 Systems by the end of the third year.

Patriot One Technologies is Led by an Experienced Team of Counter-Terrorism Experts

When considering any potential investment, it’s critical to evaluate the strength of the leadership team responsible for guiding a company’s success. In the case of Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTF), that leadership team includes some of the world’s foremost experts in the areas of counter-terrorism, conflict resolution and government/corporate interface.

Scott Shepherd – Chairman

Mr. Shepherd has worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Export Development Corp., Imperial Chemical Industries PLC, Trafalgar House PLC, and Nexus group of Companies.

Martin Cronin – CEO & President

Mr. Cronin is an expert in counter-terrorism, conflict resolution and government/corporate interface. His career includes over 20 years of experience in international diplomacy with the British Government.

Phil Lancaster – SVP Business Development & Government Relations

Mr. Lancaster has had an extensive career in law enforcement. As a former British police officer, he brings years of experience working internationally in VIP close protection, as well as service in British Overseas Territories.

Robert Lex – VP Operations

Robert Lex brings over 25 years of experience in global manufacturing operations and supply chain management for the high-tech and custom automation industries, recently with Avigilon.

Franco Cerantola – VP Product Delivery

Mr. Cerantola’s career spans over 31 years of successful experience in engineering/operations and program management in the aerospace, telecommunication and high-tech industries including defense & detection sectors with national and international exposure.

John Gillies – Director

Mr. Gillies brings over 33 years of federal government experience, principally within the national and international security and intelligence environment. Mr. Gillies served as an Assistant Director with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and as a member of the CSIS Senior Executive Committee.

In addition to Patriot One Technologies’ management team, the Company also has relationships with a number of key advisors, including…

* Dr. Natalia K. Nikolova serves on the faculty of McMaster University in Canada and is the Canada Research Chair in High-Frequency Electromagnetics.

* Governor Tom Ridge served is Chairman of Ridge Global and served as the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Governor of Pennsylvania and Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.

* Jamie Hamilton Graham served as Chief Constable of the Victoria and Vancouver Police Departments and has had 34 years in law enforcement, including command roles with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

* Andrew Brear is a former British diplomatic officer with extensive international experience in political, intelligence and security issues and has held diplomatic roles in Africa, Middle East and United Kingdom.

* Karl Wagner served as a senior officer in the US Intelligence Community, with expertise in leading diverse, enterprise-level teams globally. A subject matter expert in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.

* Ward Elcock is a former Deputy Minister for Public Safety with Canadian Federal Government, responsible for five law enforcement and security agencies, including RCMP, CSIS and Corrections Canada.

1) Be Part of the Solution – Our society is plagued by acts of violence on its citizens – including innocent schoolchildren. Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTF) offers you the opportunity to invest in a firm at the forefront of covert weapon detection designed to help prevent these violent acts.

2) Invest in a Global LeaderPatriot One Technologies is that global leader with a mission to be the world’s foremost proponent and provider of innovative covert threat detection and counter terrorism solutions and services for general public safety.

3) Cost-Effective, Covert, Easy-to-Deploy SolutionsPatriot One Technologies’ PATSCAN™ family of threat detection solutions systems are among the most cost-effective – the easiest to deploy – and starting to roll out into the marketplace today. This makes Patriot One Technologies an attractive option for more than 9,000 qualified reseller and end-user client leads.

4) Next Generation Artificial IntelligencePatriot One Technologies’ PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform provides a network of advanced sensor technologies with powerful next generation AI/machine learning software. Each solution in the platform can be deployed covertly and identifies weapons, related threats or disturbances for immediate security response.

5) Rollout is Underway – Paid pilot tests began in Q4 2018 for PATSCAN solutions across North America. Deployments are projected to expand to the company’s first security system integration resellers around the world in Q2 2019.

6) Expert Leadership Team – Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX: PAT); (OTCQX: PTOTF) is led by a team that includes some of the world’s foremost experts in the areas of counter-terrorism, conflict resolution and government/corporate interface.

7) Solutions…Not Just Technology – The team at Patriot One Technologies is committed to helping their clients achieve success and prevent violent acts. That’s why the company offers more than just “off-the-shelf” technology. Instead, Patriot One works closely with its clients and their on-site staff and remains engaged to support in the design of policies and procedures to neutralize potential threats in advance.



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