Ikea Makes Tentative Agreement To Pay $50 Million To Three Families Over Toddler Deaths

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According to the law firm representing three families who’s toddlers died after dressers manufactured by Ikea tipped over, Ikea has tentatively agreed to pay the families $50 million.

Ikea confirmed the tentative settlement.

The families had sued Ikea, alledging that the set of drawers were “inherently unstable” and that Ikea knew of prior trip-over episodes but had “refused to redesign its furniture products to be more stable.”

The three children were all 2 years old and died in separate accidents. The settlement divides the $50 million evenly among Collas’, Ellis’ and McGee’s families, according to the law firm representing them.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, at least 36 other children had been injured and 3 others had died due to tip overs. Ikea recalled 29 million of the chests back in June.

The law firm also stated that Ikea has agreed to promote a public awareness program to warn consumers of similar risks.