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Las Vegas, NV, October 12, 2022 — McapMediaWire — All American Gold Corp. (OTC Pink: AAGC) s very pleased to announce that Hollywood Star Cuts, AAGC’s Operating Company, will begin offering a complimentary Alcohol Beverage to its adult customers in Idaho to enhance to Movie Star Experience!

Hollywood Star Cuts, AAGC’s Operating Company, has obtained permission from the State of Idaho to offer 1 Alcoholic Beverage to each of the Company’s adult customers.
At Hollywood Star Cuts, an outstanding haircut is not all a customer can expect. We are also offering an experience. When a customer enters one of our rapidly expanding locations, they are treated as if they were a “Movie Star” entering a Movie Set. A customer may initially enter a Hollywood Star Cuts to receive an exceptional haircut, color, or one of our other services. The customer will return over and over when that patron is made to feel special.
Hollywood Star Cuts, along with All American Gold Corp., believes that this enhanced experience will lead to greater revenue per location by ensuring that the customer is made to feel special and creating another point of differentiation that will help propel Hollywood Star Cuts to become the leader in the industry.

Starting Monday, October 17th, Hollywood Star Cuts will be offering each of its adult customers a choice of 1 glass of beer or wine. They are currently offered a complimentary bottle of water or a variety of soft drinks. The expanded options will enhance the Movie Star Experience.
The customer can enjoy the adult beverage while waiting for their stylist or while they are waiting for their procedure, such as a color or perm, to be completed. The client must be 21 years of age or older. The client must consume the beverage in the Hollywood Star Cuts location and the customer can receive only 1 complimentary alcohol beverage. Hollywood Star cuts will be utilizing a variety of local Micro-Brew beers as well as red and white wines. Hollywood Star cuts cannot offer alcohol for sale. The alcohol beverages must be offered as a complimentary service to persons of legal drinking age.

Hollywood Star cuts intends to expand this enhanced experience to all its future franchise locations where it would be permissible by law.

On Thursday, October 13th, construction of Texas’s first franchised Hollywood Star Cuts will begin in Ft. Worth, Texas. This Texas store will be in a 1,200 square foot location. It will feature all the outstanding services, including tanning, that is currently available in the Idaho locations. This venue is in a high traffic area with many popular retail businesses in the area. The location is flanked by a National Coffee chain and a Major Grocery Store chain ensuring constant foot traffic and instant awareness.  The Hollywood Star Cuts location is expected to be fully operational in approximately 45 days. Hollywood Star Cuts, working closely with the Company’s franchise partner, expects to open three (3) locations in the area through 2023. Hollywood Star Cuts will be seeking to expand throughout other areas of Texas rapidly.

More details will be released as they evolve.

Hollywood Star cuts is dedicated to offering the very best in service and experience and is committed to becoming a leader in the multi-billion-dollar Hair-Care industry. Hollywood Star Cuts would like to thank all of their loyal customers, their loyal staff members and all who support the Company. Hollywood Star Cuts is committed to expand through organic growth with Company owned stores as well as utilizing franchise partners nationally.

All American Gold Corp. invites the public to follow us on Twitter @HStarcuts as most updates and communication will be conducted there.

The public is also invited to follow us on Facebook and online at www.hollywoodstarcuts.com.

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