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Las Vegas, NV, April 26, 2023 — McapMediaWire — All American Gold Corp. (OTC: AAGC) is excited to update the public about the impressive advancements of Hollywood Star Cuts.

Hollywood Star Cuts, a full-service hair salon with a fun and exciting Hollywood and Southern California theme, owned and operated by All American God Corp., is delighted to update the public about the Company’s most impressive accomplishment to date.  

On Saturday, April 15th, 2023, Hollywood Star Cuts unveiled the Company’s newest concept location known as ‘Mega Production Beauty Studio” in Central Boise Idaho. Hollywood Star Cuts has been committed to offering the highest quality of service in the Hair Care Industry. Now, with the successful premiere of this Mega Production Beauty Studio, Hollywood Star Cuts can offer the finest quality of service in Nail Care, Esthetician Care and Tanning as well as outstanding service in Family Hair Care.

All customers will know they are Movie Stars the moment they enter the scene. They are greeted with beautiful scenes of the iconic Hollywood sign, Mann’s Chinese Theater, posters of current and classic movies as well as beach and surfing scenes. They will follow the “Walk of Fame” to whatever service they desire.

The Hollywood Star Cuts Mega Production Beauty Studio consists of eight (8) hair stations that are beautifully decorated with beach and Hollywood themes. Inside a closed off separate area, there are two (2) Esthetician Stations that offer the finest in skin care and facial services. Toward the back of the facility there are four (4) Nail Stations devoted to offering customers the very best in Nail Care and beauty. Occupying the rear of the facility is the Tanning Spa Operation containing a stand-up tanning booth and a lay-down tanning bed.

This location will be an example to all current and future Franchisees as to what is possible with Hollywood Star Cuts.

Hollywood Star Cuts chose to create an event to highlight the excitement of this game changing concept. Members of the Hollywood Star Cuts crew, spent the day entertaining young future movie stars by handing out balloons, barbequing wonderful food and welcoming the community to Hollywood Star Cuts.

There will be many more Grand Opening Premier’s in the future.

On Saturday April 15th, Hollywood Star cuts serviced 58 haircuts, colors and styles. The average transaction was $34.00. Total revenue from Hair Services alone was $1,972.00. Another $216.00 was generated from Hair Care product sales. The total revenue created from Hair Care services on Grand Opening Day was $2,188.00.

The Tanning Spa was offering a one day only sign up special of $35.00 per month (normally $60.00 per month) for unlimited tanning visits. During the event, 12 people enrolled in the Tanning Spa services creating another $420.00 in revenue.

The following week, week of April 17th through the 23rd, continued the impressive revenue trend at the Mega Production Beauty Studio. Tuesday through Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday) substantiated the revenue growth. The first full week of operations at the Mega Production Beauty Studio saw a total of $5,620.00 in gross revenue. This equates to a daily average of $1,124.00 per day.

Hollywood Star Cuts will be hosting potential franchise operators the third week of May as well as the first week of June. Hollywood Star Cuts is excited to educate the potential Franchise Partners to what is possible when they open a Hollywood Star Cuts in their area.

To celebrate the first full year of operations of Hollywood Star Cuts’ “Flag Ship” location in Nampa Idaho, Hollywood Star Cuts will be offering $5.00 haircuts to every client on April 29th at every Hollywood Star Cuts location. All locations will also be offering FREE haircuts to all Military Veterans and all active Military including their families. Hollywood Star Cuts intends to make this promotion an annual event to honor the Company’s loyal clientele as well as enticing more potential clients to experience all that Hollywood Star Cuts has to offer.

As always, Hollywood Star Cuts and All American Gold Corp. would like to thank our fabulous crew members, our brilliant franchisees, our fantastic vendors, our excellent investors and all future investors for their hard work and commitment to the vision that is Hollywood Star Cuts. Without all of them, Hollywood Star Cuts could not succeed.   

All American Gold Corp. invites the public to follow us on Twitter at HStarcuts as most updates and communication will be conducted there.

The public is also invited to follow us on Facebook and online at www.hollywoodstarcuts.com.

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Hollywood Star Cuts Event is Grand!

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