Healixa Inc and WATERisLIFE Collaborate to Address the Global Water Scarcity Crisis with Global AquaDuct® Deposition Water Harvesting™ Technology 

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World’s Only Deposition Water Harvesting™ Technology Advances Towards Commercialization


New York, NY, and Edmond, OK, February 16, 2023 — McapmediaWire — Healixa, Inc. (OTC Pink: EMOR) (“Healixa,” or the “Company”), a technology company focusing on building and acquiring innovative and disruptive technologies in the health-tech, clean water, and green-tech industries and WATERisLIFE, a global non-profit organization working to end the world water crisis, today announced their collaboration. The two organizations agreed to work together to respond to the growing water scarcity challenges in North America and internationally following recently completed demonstration of Healixa’s proprietary Global AquaDuct® Deposition Water Harvesting™ Technology (“DWH™“) for multiple current and former US government officials and humanitarian experts.

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Healixa’s DWH™ technology is the world’s first and only water vapor harvesting technology that can produce potable water directly from the earth’s atmosphere by leveraging multiple proprietary advancements including phase-change, thermal deposition, and drawing operating power from on-grid or off-grid (solar) sources. Global AquaDuct® is a revolutionary approach to atmospheric water harvesting, providing a turnkey, sustainable, primary source of potable water in a compact form factor (only 12 sq. ft.), capable of directly addressing the significant limitations of competing technologies, to deliver substantially improved operational performance including energy efficiency, no relative humidity dependency, and constant reliable yield.

Ken Surritte, Chairman, and founder of WATERisLIFE, said “Access to clean water is quickly becoming one of the most critical global challenges facing mankind. Water scarcity and droughts knows no borders and is increasingly threatening farmlands and communities in the developed world, just as it has in historically water-challenged geographies such as in Africa and the Middle East. Having seen first-hand the capabilities of Healixa’s Global AquaDuct® technology, we believe this impressive and innovative solution has the potential to radically improve the lives of millions of people around the world. That is why are so excited to work with the Healixa team to showcase the impact that Global AquaDuct® can have in assisting communities around the global address their water insecurity challenges.”

“Healixa is dedicated to the development and commercialization of technologies that can positively impact the lives of millions. Having recently completed early-stage commercialization and testing of our Global AquaDuct® water harvesting technology, we are confident in its unmatched capabilities and potential. We are pleased to work alongside leading humanitarian organizations such as WATERisLIFE as we expand the awareness of our unique DWH™ technology and advance our commercialization efforts with potential customers,” added Ian Parker, Chairman and CEO of Healixa. 

About Healixa, Inc.

Healixa is a technology company focusing on building and acquiring innovative and disruptive technologies in the health-tech, clean water generation and green-tech industries. Healixa embraces innovation by combining its intellectual properties, patents, strategic collaborations, and partnerships to create a “LaunchPad” of disruptive sustainable products. For more information, visit www.healixa.com. 


WATERisLIFE is a 501 (c)(3) public charity bringing life-changing water solutions to the areas of the world that need it the most. For nearly two decades, WATERisLIFE has been working with the UN and the sustainability goals established by the UN for bringing safe water around the world. We aim to solve the world water crisis through better WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) programs in developing countries. WATERisLIFE brings cutting-edge technologies to the 47 countries we have been doing projects in. WATERisLIFE water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions have reached more than 60,000,000 people worldwide since inception.  For more information, visit the website at www.WATERisLIFE.com  

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