Groundbreaking Licensing Agreement Secured with AMSI Labs by Echo Defense Projects Inc. (Formerly Eco Depot Inc.)

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Las Vegas, NV, June 13, 2023 — McapMediaWire —  Echo Defense Projects Inc. (“Echo Defense”) (OTC: ECDP), a leading company in the realms of national defense, security, and border control, continues to forge a path of innovation and strategic growth. Today, the company announced an impactful licensing agreement with AMSI Labs, building on its recent acquisition of Five Star North America Inc.

Under the terms of the agreement, Echo Defense secures the exclusive licensing rights for AMSI Labs’ groundbreaking Hybrid Radio Infrared/Laser Frequency (HRILF) technology across North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia with the issuance of 10,379,077 newly issued common shares. The HRILF technology represents a paradigm shift in detection capabilities, with the power to accurately scan for substances, such as gunpowder, drugs, and explosives, at long distances. 

“Following the strategic acquisition of Five Star, securing the licensing rights for HRILF technology enhances our robust portfolio and opens exciting possibilities,” said Carlos Diericx, President of Echo Defense Projects. “This sophisticated technology equips us to provide military, law enforcement, and other emergency services with a pivotal tool that ensures safety, efficiency, and unrivaled performance.”

The HRILF technology stands to significantly boost the capabilities of Five Star’s specialized vehicles. Enhanced with this cutting-edge detection technology, the vehicles will provide unprecedented levels of security for our first responders, ensuring threats are detected and neutralized swiftly, and lives are protected.

Potential applications of the HRILF technology are extensive, including real-time surveillance at border checkpoints, advanced suspect tracking, immediate threat detection at public events, and rapid identification of hazardous materials at fire scenes. In military operations, the long-range scanning ability of HRILF technology can be utilized for enemy surveillance and weapon detection.

Echo Defense’s acquisition of Five Star, combined with the new licensing agreement with AMSI Labs, marks a significant stride in the company’s growth trajectory. These strategic moves demonstrate Echo Defense’s ongoing commitment to investing in high-potential, cutting-edge technologies that redefine the global defense industry.

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Echo Defense Projects Inc., formerly Eco Depot Inc., is a technology company committed to fostering the development and acquisition of companies in the realms of national defense, security, and border control. Its vision is to create a safer world through cutting-edge defense technology.

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