Greene Concepts Highlights 2022 Accomplishments and 2023 Long Term Growth

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Marion, North Carolina, January 18, 2023 — McapMediaWire –– Greene Concepts, Inc. (OTC Pink: INKW) is pleased to announce significant accomplishments for the year 2022 and major developments for substantial long-term advancement in 2023. 


Greene Concepts continued its strategic and exponential growth in 2022 and is strongly positioned for an upcoming year of company expansion, retail opportunity, and projected exponential top-line growth.  The company expansion consists of a building expansion, new equipment installation, and new employee hires to support upcoming operational and sales growth.  Enlarging retail relationships while nurturing current relationships along with white labeling for other companies is also a focus.

As a company we continue to follow a clear and bold path on our quest to be a premier beverage provider throughout the country as we continue to boost our beverage lines. Our water, sourced from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, offers consumers one of the smoothest and best tasting water brands on the market.


Revenues for the Quarterly Period Ending October 31, 2022 were $292,072, indicating a substantial increase compared to the same quarter the previous year of $95,432.  This is a sales increase of over 300%.

Our current total assets of $5,960,052 (see Quarterly Period Ending October 31, 2022) includes our bottling plant and internal manufacturing, production, and loading assets.


  1. Launched the Happy Mellow Immune Support Beverage – Following its initial production run, Greene Concepts initiated its second major brand as an immune support CBD beverage while offering three distinct flavors online within a growing industry.
  2. Hired Company National Sales Director Brian Adkins – Mr. Adkins coordinates all company expansion efforts in terms of national and regional retail chain accounts, partnerships, and growth.  He brings to the position over 20-years in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) space, and he has brought to market goliath brands such as Snapple and Sunkist.
  3. Achieved Retail Growth by Local Distributor Get Be Water – Announced in an October 20, 2022 news release, the Get Be Water team is focused on expanding sales in retailers near the bottling plant throughout North Carolina and surrounding states.  Find recent updates on the Get Be Water Twitter page and the Get Be Water Facebook page.
  4. Upgraded and Modernized Marion, NC Bottling Plant – The company advanced its roadway, parking lot, painted the building’s interior/exterior, upgraded the inside lighting with LEDs, and purchased an enhanced forklift.
  5. Hired New Plant Supervisor Steve Bortz – Mr. Bortz will supervise production efforts at the Marion, NC bottling plant (reporting directly to the plant manager Mr. Ken Porter).  Mr. Bortz comes to the position with a decade of experience in manufacturing operations and management.
  6. Enlarged BE WATER sales Into all Florida Turnpike Service Center locations served by nearly three million commuters each day. 
  7. Developed BevNET Online Presence For Greene Concepts’ Brands – The company captured the release of its BE WATER and Happy Mellow brands on BevNET’s website along with several news releases to include Happy Mellow.  Happy Mellow appears on page 32 of BevNET’s September/October, 2022 issue (also available here).  BevNET is a leading food and beverage-oriented media company and a recognized authority in the beverage industry. 
  8. Solidified Agreement with Lunchbox Distribution, LLC to Distribute Happy Mellow CBD to 1,500 retail locations.
  9. Updated Labeling – All product SKUs, to include the forthcoming 6-packs, contain updated nutrition label information as noted in the January 19, 2022 news release.
  10. Donated bottled water to Jackson, KY and in Partnership with Camping World, Provided Water to Jackson, Mississippi
  11. Activated Product Locator Launch – As captured in the February 3, 2022 news release, 2022 saw the release of the company’s product locator tab on the company’s BeWaterBeYou webpage.  This tab allows consumers to find current retail locations selling BE WATER throughout the country.  
  12. Unveiled Company’s BE WATER E-Commerce Merchandise Store – Offers the display and purchase of company promotional products as noted in the August 26, 2022 news release.
  13. Expanded to 27 Amazon Fulfillment Centers – Encourages faster purchase and delivery of BE WATER via Amazon.
  14. Introduced STAY CBD Hemp Beverage Line Online Purchasing Platform – Created as a new division of Greene Concepts in 2021, the STAY brand extends the company’s product SKUs and offers a new brand of refreshment and bodily performance.


  1. Hydration App – Partnering with Metatron Inc. to create a hydration app to allow users to manage their health, awareness, and hydration.
  2. 6-Pack, 12-Pack, and Gallon Production – The company first announced its forthcoming six-pack configuration in January, 2022 along with its one-gallon production capabilities.   The manufacturing line will also consist of 12-pack designs.  The multiple configuration sizes in concert with our standard 24-pack water bottles, increases the company’s SKU numbers and further supports our movement into large national retailers which require 6 and 12 pack designs.  This positions Greene Concepts to support the many larger scale retailers interested in BE WATER who do their slotting and plan-o-grams in February.  Many retailers have requested the company’s development of 6-pack and 12-pack configurations to bring on BE WATER.  Greene Concepts goals include penetrating as many large retailers as possible with every product SKU to include BE WATER’s 24-packs, 6-packs, 12-packs, and gallon production along with Happy Mellow and any new company brands. 
  3. 20,000 sq ft addition to the bottling plant – Greene Concepts is preparing to expand the manufacturing facility by 20,000 sq ft.  This will make it a 75,000 sq ft beverage and bottling facility upon completion.  The building expansion will increase the space needed for operational growth while affording Greene Concepts the space needed to install a high-speed line to keep up with production demand.  The architect and engineer have been retained, and GCI is in the initial phase of planning.
  4. High-Speed Line Addition – The company is adding a high-speed line, to blow (develop) its own bottles to get cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) lower thereby giving the company more profits and allowing the production of a greater number of bottles faster than ever to support increased demand. 
  5. Hiring of Seven Full-time Company Onsite Employees – As sales continue to grow throughout 2023, Greene Concepts will hire additional line workers at the Marion, NC bottling plant to support a second production shift.
  6. Corporate Audit – As noted in the company’s April 19, 2022 press release, the company is working with its corporate auditor to complete a complex two year financial audit toward becoming a fully reporting company. 

Lenny Greene, CEO of Greene Concepts highlights, “We accomplished a tremendous amount in 2022 and there are many reasons for optimism in 2023.  We will multiply our partnerships and distribution channels toward profitable growth thereby increasing sales penetration to convenience stores, retailers, and small businesses.  Sales and revenue and our fiscal growth will continue to be captured on our annual and quarterly financials.  We are on pace to achieve each of our corporate goals.”  

The global bottled water market is currently valued at $303.9 billion and expected to reach $509.2 billion by 2030.

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