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MIAMI, FL, June 12, 2023 — McapMediaWire — Grand Havana Inc. (OTC: GHAV), and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Grand Havana Masters, LLC, Grand Master Brands, LLC, and GH Hospitality Group, LLC is excited to inform our investors, banking partners and institutional players about the future of our company through this Shareholder update.  


In publishing our 2022 year-end and Q1 2023 financial reports GHAV has made clear that the new administration, spearheaded by H&H Coffee Group and its many subsidiaries and partners, has embraced a new vision, and is executing on the promise of a streamlined public vehicle and revenue generation.  Legacy debt has been nearly eliminated as of this release, unnecessary corporate spending and superfluous balance sheet elements have been dramatically reduced, while revenues and net profits are increasing across business units.  As Mr. Julio Sera, Director notes “GHAV is making money!  GHAV is paying its debts!  GHAV is investing in the future of sustainable coffee production and distribution!” 

Green Coffee Focus

Our green coffee sourcing partners Beneficio de Café, S.A. (SOLCAFE S.A) and Hernandez Hernandez Export y CIA Ltda (H&H Coffee), are helping GHAV leverage a vast infrastructure of specialty coffee farms and processing mills in Nicaragua along with partnerships with growing cooperatives and a global client base.  The H&H Group of companies along with GHAV are invested extensively in the productive capacity and industrialization required to guarantee quality coffee flows. The SOLCAFE board emphasizes that “the SOLCAFE/H&H partnership not only provides a steady volume of commercial grade coffees, but also gives GHAV access to RFA/OCIA, organic, Fairtrade, Bird Friendly and UTZ certifications among others, that are in high demand by major consuming countries globally due to sustainability initiatives”.

Nowhere is this new focus on specialty green coffee distribution more evident than in GHAV’s recent importing of SHG RFA certified containers for a prominent green coffee company.  Mr. Alain Piedra, Chairman and President highlights “deliveries on these new supply contracts (with revenues estimated in the tens of millions of dollars) have already begun and will increase over the coming quarters as the 2023-2024 global coffee year commences in Q4 2023”.

Roasted Coffee

B2B and B2C roasted coffee sales are yet another revenue generating unit for GHAV.  One of the primary ways GHAV is leveraging its green coffee sourcing partners, is by providing high quality raw beans to our network of roasters for a cost effective “tree-to-cup approach” that will maximize shareholder value and drive revenue growth further.  The Board is anticipating that roasted coffee sales will increase volumetrically and cement the Grand Havana brand in its primary markets with major US brokers, multinational distributors, and US grocery chains. 

Other Initiatives

GHAV continues to make progress on closing the Land Venture as described in an early February 2023 press release.  The acquisition will provide the company with a massive asset base of over 75 acres of premium land in the heart of South Miami, as well as fully operational agriculture and nursery businesses that complement the administrations core competencies and expertise.  Lastly, the company will begin making strides on Investor Relations plans that will support our Shareholders and keep them duly informed as GHAV grows.

About Grand Havana, Inc.

Grand Havana is a coffee company headquartered in Miami, Florida, “The Capital of Espresso in the US.”

Through our subsidiary, Grand Master Brands, LLC we are a global distributor of the finest green coffees that include not only commercial grade but also premium certified offerings such as Rainforest Alliance, organic, Fairtrade, UTZ, Bird Friendly among others.  Grand Havana roasted coffee products are distributed by Sysco, Ambassador Foods and Amazon. Our b2b programs proudly serve our coffees in corporate offices, airports, universities, non-traditional avenues, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, and online marketplaces. With more than 10 million cups of coffee served nationwide, Grand Havana is the choice of consumers when the goal is connecting with the nostalgia and essence of the best cup of Cuban coffee.

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Forward-Looking Statements

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Grand Havana is the choice of consumers when the goal is connecting with the nostalgia and essence of the best cup of Cuban coffee
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