Good Gaming Inc. To Launch MicroBuddies™ Swarm Defense To Expand Cross Platform Integration For MicroBuddies™ World Experience in Roblox

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New Roblox Game To Offer First Glimpse into the MicroBuddies™ Origin Story, Exciting Play, and Diversification Within The MicroBuddies™ Metaverse

Kennett Square, PA, November 15, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Good Gaming, Inc. (OTCQB: GMER) (the “Company”), an innovative brand creating unique interactive entertainment experiences across the gaming segment since 2008, today announced its plan to launch MicroBuddies™ Swarm Defense to expand the cross-platform integration for its popular MicroBuddies™ World Experience in Roblox. The new game will offer skilled players diversification within the Company’s MicroBuddies™ metaverse.

MicroBuddies™ Swarm Defense offers a first look into the dark back story of three humans who stood alone in a top-secret lab with impossible odds against the original MicroBuddies™, who started life as menacing bloodthirsty creatures.

Swarm Defense promises to deliver an immense interactive three-player co-op game where players work together to combat the Microbuddy Hoard in a battle for dominion over the Lab where MicroBuddies™ were first discovered, and where all that stands between the enslavement and domination of Earth are a Scientist, an Engineer, and a Soldier. Each character will have its own unique abilities, weapons, and mission. Players will solve puzzles that will increase in difficulty as the game progresses while facing a never-ending hoard of bloodthirsty MicroBuddies™ in fast-paced combat. The game will feature individual character and team leaderboards with a substantial number of unique character-specific items and achievements.

MicroBuddies™ Swarm Defense will finally give fans of MicroBuddies™ a chance to experience a section of the back story and have fun developing strategies to eliminate the original hostile Microbuddies to  advance to the next challenging round. The game promises to deliver many twists and turns as players progress, so be ready for anything, and we mean anything!

Players will be able to access MicroBuddies™ Swarm Defense through a transporter portal in the central lobby of the newly relaunched MicroBuddies™ World Experience in Roblox. The MicroBuddies™ in-experience store will allow players to purchase upgrades, boosters, and possibly win unique and rare items.

David Sterling, COO of Good Gaming, stated, “We are very pleased to announce our intent to launch what promises to be a highly strategic, fast-paced, and challenging co-op game loaded with exciting surprises as players dare to enter the dark origin story of the MicroBuddies™. MicroBuddies™ Swarm Defense connects our cross-platform experiences together by introducing key story elements that form the foundation of MicroBuddies™ Metaverse or “Buddyverse.” Our cross-platform diversification promises to deliver the multiple revenue streams we are looking for while increasing our brand awareness as we look to enhance and increase our marketing efforts going into 2023″.

MicroBuddies™ Swarm Defense has an anticipated launch date of the first quarter of 2023

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