Foxconn Is Bringing Jobs to America With This New Facility

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Foxconn, based in Taiwan, and one of Apple’s primary iPhone makers, is about to open a multi-billion dollar research and development plant in the United States.

According to the South China Morning Post, which reported the news this past weekend, Foxconn will be opening the facility in Michigan.

According to the Post, which cited Terry Gou who found Foxconn, the facility will focus on autonomous vehicles.

“Automotive development in the U.S. is still more advanced than China,” Gou had remarked. “Besides self-driving technology,
I’m also interested in artificial intelligence and deep learning technology.”

Just last month, Foxconn also announced a $10 billion plant in Wisconsin that could create 3,000 jobs for Americans and could potentially even one day take this number to 13,000 jobs.

President Donald Trump has been pushing to bring jobs to America and most likely would be pleased with Foxconn’s recent moves.