Ford (NYSE: F) Looks To Branch Beyond Car Manufacturing

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Ford Motor Co Chairman Bill Ford, announced on Monday that the automaker is looking for more partnerships with other companies in an effort to expand beyond manufacturing and selling cars and trucks.

Addressing a conference on entrepreneurship in Detroit, Ford had said, “You’ll see a lot of partnership, a lot more than you used to see in the auto industry.” He also remarked that we would be hearing more from the company as the year goes on.

Regarding acquisitons, Mr. Ford added that the company would consider acquisitions “if we thought that was the right way to go.”

Ford’s management is also currently working on a strategy for self-driving cars as well as connecting vehicles to the internet. The leading automaker is also developing a ride sharing transportation service. Earlier this year Ford formed a new business unit, Ford Smart Mobility LLC, as part of its effort to build new transportation-related services and new alliances.

It was also earlier this year tht competitor GM had invested $500 million in ride-hailing company Lyft and also closed the acquisition of Cruise Automation, a self-driving vehicle technology startup.

Ford has said the company is investing heavily in self-driving vehicle technology, electric cars and other initiatives.

When asked about Google, the company’s Chairman commented, “Anything’s possible with anybody. We have a good relationship with Google.”

Any new deals have not yet been disclosed.

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