Foldable Smart Phones May Be Headed Our Way In 2019

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According to a Samsung engineer, fold-able smartphone displays will be ready for mass consumption just a couple of years from now.

Samsung Display principal engineer Kim Tae-woong told The Korea Herald, “The technology is expected to be mature around 2019.”

“Because the bezel-free display currently sells so well, we still have enough time to develop fold-able display[s],” he explained.
Well this is something truly amazing if it happens. Imagine a big smart phone or tablet being able to fold in size so that it is more compact for spaces. It can be more pocket and purse friendly.

Bloomberg revealed in the summer of 2016 that Samsung would be launching a fold-able smartphone a lot sooner that was reportedly called “Project Valley” inside Samsung.

According to Bloomberg the device was supposed to debut this February but it never happened.

Samsung is already the leader in the market when it comes to bendable displays. It seems natural that the company would be able to make a folding one.

Kyocera tried the idea once, but it wasnt a truly fold-able display. The company launched a phone on Sprint named the “Echo” that folded in half but it used two separate display panels.

There are also rumors that Apple may employ on the iPhone 8 a bendable AMOLED display.

Lots of rumors floating around but it would be nice to have a smart phone folded into a more compact product.