Did Instagram Copy This New Feature From Snapchat?

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Instagram’s new feature Stories looks a lot like a feature that’s been on Snapchat.

Stories just rlled out on Tuesday and allows you to show shareable moments of your day in a condensed slideshow format that is separate from your Instagram profile.

The world’s No. 1 female tennis star Serena Williams will be the first athlete to promote Stories by sharing her travels and preparations leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

“We expect both athletes and fans to take full advantage of using Instagram Stories to share their experiences at the Games,” says Instagram. Some athletes and fans, no doubt, will indeed use the feature. But will they use it more than Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat?

Just like Snapchat’s feature, Stories will disappear after 24 hours and users can also draw and add text photos to it. Plus just like Snapchat, users can tap on a friend’s bubble to see their story, keep tapping to view the next slides in their story, and swipe to see the next person’s story.

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom has never denied that Stories is like Snapchat and told TechCrunch in an interview, “They deserve all the credit.”

Instagram has 500 million monthly active users while Snapchat only has 150 million.

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