Streaming Content Revolution is Disrupting the Entertainment Industry

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Demand for Content from Companies Like Netflix, Hulu and Disney Has Never Been Greater…

With a High-Upside, Low-Risk Business Model Wonderfilm Media Corp. (OTC: WDRFF); (TSX.V: WNDR) is Poised for Growth

The content revolution has arrived.

According to a recent report from Deloitte, for the first time a higher percentage of U.S. households subscribe to a digital streaming service than to traditional pay television.[i]

69% of U.S. households now subscribe to streaming video services – a sizable gain from the 55% who subscribed as recently as 2017.

This “tipping point” in the entertainment industry is still in its early stages – and investors who recognize the opportunity and invest wisely could reap big rewards.

One company – thanks to its unique business model and high upside potential – appears to be in outstanding position to take advantage of this megatrend: Wonderfilm Media Corp. (OTC: WDRFF); (TSX.V: WNDR).

Wonderfilm Media Corp. is a leading publicly traded entertainment company with offices in Beverly Hills and Vancouver.

Wonderfilm’s main business is the production of high-quality feature films and episodic television…and it appears to be a company very much in the right place at the right time.

The Wonderfilm team has packaged, produced and delivered several profitable films like BlacKKKlansmen, the Hurt Locker and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…and Wonderfilm retains a continuing annual production slate of $58 million with actors such as:

Wonderfilm Media is Producing Quality Content During Times of Extraordinary Demand

The massive trend – away from traditional entertainment options and toward streaming services – has sparked a “content revolution” in the entertainment industry. The world’s largest streaming providers are now moving quickly to try and lock up as much quality content for their subscribers as they possibly can.

For investors, this means the biggest profits from this enormous megatrend will not come from streaming services like Netflix, Apple, Amazon or Hulu…or even from cable companies such as Comcast or Time Warner looking to strike back.

Instead, content has become king – and companies who can deliver quality content will find their content to be in high demand for years to come.

And that’s where Wonderfilm Media Corp. (OTC: WDRFF); (TSX.V: WNDR) enters the picture.

Wonderfilm Media Corp. is projected to provide a continuing annual production slate of approximately $58 million worth of entertainment projects…and the company does so using an impressive business model.

Consistency and Low Risk: How Wonderfilm’s Business Model is Unlike Any Other in the Industry

When considering an investment in the entertainment space, it’s important to understand how a company generates its revenue.

In the case of Wonderfilm Media Corp. (OTC: WDRFF); (TSX.V: WNDR), its unique business model provides consistency of revenues…low-risk of losses…and the potential for “home run” upside projects.

Here’s what I mean:

Wonderfilm Media Corp.’s primary activities involve creating and developing low-risk movies and series with forecastable and consistent revenue profiles.

The company is led by President and CEO Kirk Shaw, one of North America’s most prolific film producers with more than 240 movies and seven television series to his credit.

Low Risk Production Process

In tandem with the blockbusters, Wonderfilm continues to create and develop low-risk movies and series with forecastable and consistent revenue profiles.

Under Mr. Shaw’s leadership, in most cases Wonderfilms’ movies – or episodic television series – are already under pre-sold into the market before production is complete.

This portion of Wonderfilm’s business model allows for a predictable revenue stream and helps mitigate risk.

By cranking out a steady stream of content that has already been sold…the company can keep feeding the streaming services who are craving the content and hitting “singles” with low-budget projects that turn consistent profits.

Wonderfilm Media Corp. Adds a “Home Run” Hitter

But there’s another aspect of Wonderfilm Media Corp’s business plan that offers higher upside:

The company also produces a handful of large-budget films – designed to swing for the fences and generate “home run” potential – each year.

To help make this portion of the business model a success, Wonderfilm has signed a “home run hitter” for its lineup: Producer Shaun Redick.

Shaun Redick – together with Producer Yvette Yates – has won a combined 175 Awards and 355 Nominations, including 10 Oscar nominations.

In 2017 and 2018, they produced two of the most successful and profitable films of this era: Get Out ($255 million USD Gross Revenue) and BlacKKKlansman ($100 million USD Gross Revenue).

Shaun Redick’s first movie for Wonderfilm Media Corp. (OTC: WDRFF); (TSX.V: WNDR) will be released in October 2020 and he is scheduled to produce 2-3 films per year for the company beginning in 2020.

The first film Redick will produce is a prequel to the widely popular Amityville Horror series and is scheduled to have a wide theatrical release.

How the Wonderfilm Media Corp. Business Model Works

One of Wonderfilm Media’s largest projects to date is scheduled to premiere in theaters in November 2019.

This is the movie Primal – starring Nicholas Cage – and its development provides a case study for how the Wonderfilm Media Corp. business model works:

Wonderfilm Media Corp. (OTC: WDRFF); (TSX.V: WNDR) is Led By a Strong Team of Experienced Executives

Another impressive strength of Wonderfilm Media Corp. is that the company is led by a dynamic board of directors with extensive experience in film production, technology and entertainment, including…

Kirk Shaw – President & CEO, Director

With 240+ credits, Kirk is North America’s second most prolific film producer. Best known for his production packaging and financing prowess, over his 30-year career Kirk has contributed his talents to many U.S. television series and feature films, including the Oscar winning, The Hurt Locker. As CEO of Wonderfilm, Kirk remains on the cutting edge of industry trends, actively shaping Wonderfilm’s financing and production-packaging model to meet the demands of a fast-changing industry.

Jeff Bowler – Executive Producer

Jeff is an Emmy Award winning producer/executive with two decades of experience. He has been a key consultant to many corporations in various industries and is one of the founders of “The Fox Think Tank” along with FOX CEO Peter Chernin and Fox TV Studios CEO David Grant. In 2017 Bowler won an Emmy Award and is producing and part owner of “The Three Stooges” film franchise reboot as well as releasing “Wild Oats” a film that Bowler was Executive Producer on starting Demi Moore, Jessica Lange and Shirley McLain.

Dan Grodnik – Executive Producer

Dan has been a driving force in the Indie Film business for more than three decades. His ability to bring more than 50 motion pictures from concept to the screen display his ability to stay on top of current market demands in creative, budget management, finance, sales and distribution. Since 2014, Dan has produced 11 feature films with stars such as Robert DeNiro, Keanu Reeves, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Jason Biggs, and Olga Kurylenko. Mr. Grodnik is the former Chairman/CEO of the National Lampoon, and when time permits, an adjunct professor in graduate film studies at Chapman University.

Bret Saxon – Executive Producer

Through his company, TMP Inc. Brett has created M&A deals worth over US$750 million across 113 countries. Bret has produced several feature films and made for television movies, including Wonderfilm’s 2019 movie, Zombie Tidal Wave for NBC/Universal’s SyFy.

What Does the Future Hold for Wonderfilm Media Corp?

The rapid growth in streaming subscriptions in the U.S. – and the soaring demand for content by streaming providers – is great news for companies in position to deliver quality content.

Wonderfilm Media Corp. (OTC: WDRFF); (TSX.V: WNDR) has the potential for significant valuation growth thanks to this historic megatrend and the company’s unique business model.

A number of Wonderfilms’ initial high profile projects – such as The Fanatic with John Travolta and Primal with Nicholas Cage – are just now making their way to theaters.

And the potential for more “home runs” in the near-term thanks to the addition of producer Shaun Redick adds a high-upside component to the company’s consistent stream of revenue from its lower-budget productions.


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