Can This Provider of Proprietary Sustainable Technologies Parlay Its Aggressive Growth In an Evolving Growing Economy?

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EcoArk Focusing on Integration of People, Processes, and Data for unparalleled success


EcoArk is a provider of several proprietary technologies and innovative services which drive sustainability, increase revenue and profits, and facilitate scalable growth to businesses spanning a number of established markets.

EcoArk’s portfolio of companies focuses on identifying and reducing waste within its client’s operations, logistics and supply chain management.

Ecoark has emerged as THE ONLY end-to-end solution provider reducing waste across industries including retail, agriculture, food services, commercial real estate and architecture, engineering and construction end markets.

Business is Booming, and Savvy Investors are Taking Advantage

According to research firm Verdantix, the The Global Sustainability Consulting Market Will Grow Annually At 4% To Reach $1.1 Billion By 2021

The sustainability consulting market continues to evolve rapidly with diverse variations in the types of engagements demanded by clients.

As sustainability initiatives become increasingly entrenched in core business functions, companies are forced to tackle issues under the ‘sustainability’ umbrella.  Improving sustainability and reducing inefficiencies generates significant revenue streams for EARK clients.

This focus on the integration of people, processes, and data attempts to overcome operational obstacles which enable businesses and organizations to capitalize upon unrealized revenue potential.

Ecoark believes its platform and business model creates long-term growth potential for investors and business partners around the world within this high-growth, multi-billion dollar market.

EcoArk Overview

EARK is a singular vision which brings Four (4) Unique Entities together.

Solution #1 is the Crown Jewel of the company: Zest Labs


Intelleflex (Zest Labs) Reducing food loss remains a significant goal for grocery retailers, restaurants, and food service companies, as they look to improve profitability for their investors and sustainability for their communities. Given the amount of food loss in the U.S. market, there is significant opportunity for growth in supplying an effective solution. ZEST Fresh™ represents a breakthrough quality management solution, with demonstrated effectiveness as the only real-time, unit-level freshness management tool that is both practical and immediately cost-effective.


Quality consistency was recently recognized as a primary contributor to food loss in a recent Chainlink Research article, Why Quality Consistency Matters.” Ann Grackin, author and Chainlink Research CEO stated, “Recent studies have shown that even with a modern food supply chain defined by best practices, quality consistency remains a primary contributor to food loss. The industry will need to adopt data monitoring at the product-item-level to determine and mitigate the issues in progress. We believe that ZEST Fresh™ is the best example of a modern solution that addresses quality consistency shortcomings by combining cloud, mobile and cost effective item-level monitoring technology with real-time analytics.”

Zest Labs Roadmap
Why is Zest Labs new and unique?
Only company offering predictive & prescriptive analytics solutions built on a proprietary software platform and enabled through patented hardware technologies.
Zest Fresh 2016

Zest Fresh piloted at a large global retailer establishing the product as the recognized standard for fresh food management for supply chain.

Zest Delivery 2018

Zest Delivery to become the recognized standard for prepared food management for delivery.

Zest Data Services 2015

EARK: A Global Advantage

Zest Fresh – Addressable Market (United States only)
$260B U.S. annual perishable sales1
Concentrated market – 7 retailers represent 50%2

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Retailer willingness to pay is conservatively estimated at 1% of total sales, representing a $1.8B annual recurring revenue opportunity in the United States3

(1) Food Marketing Institute (FMI) via Progressive Grocer’s Annual Consumer Expenditures Study (CES), 68th Annual CES, July 2015 pp. 62-64

(2) Estimates to be confirmed

(3) Validated by retailer’s willingness to pay 1% of total cargo value to insure during transit

Zest Fresh – Solution and Benefits

Zest Fresh provides sensors and software to track perishable food products for:


Zest Fresh – Target Steady State Margins

  • Cash on hand
  • Additional cash to be raised
  • Strategic sales of subsidiaries


  • Ramping up solution deployment and customer success teams to service major retail customer – Q4 2016
  • Strategic expansion into roadmap opportunities – Q1 2017
  • Strategic acquisitions of complimentary fresh food management providers – Q1 2017

Investment Considerations

  • Potential addressable U.S. fresh market greater than $50B
  • First market mover advantage
  • Direct go to market strategy
  • Scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) revenue model
  • Broad patent protection – 64 patents issued
  • Privileged access to leading retailers

Solution #2 Magnolia Solar


Magnolia Solar, Inc. strives to develop and produce low cost, high efficiency, thin film solar cell modules.
Magnolia Advantage

Magnolia´s thin film solar cells offer – substantially lower cost than crystalline solar cells, use less expensive materials, significant gains in efficiency vs. other thin film cells and modules by application of proprietary nano/micro technologies; and, has the potential for lowest cost/watt solar technology.

Magnolia Solar, Inc. represents a new generation in the solar cell industry.

Their solar cell solutions address three primary goals:

  • Efficiency– Magnolia employs multiple approaches using nano/micro materials processes and a proprietary composite design to a broader spectrum of light energy.
  • Cost– Unlike high cost multi-layer triple junction solar cell design, Magnolia technology uses a proprietary inexpensive materials and process to reduce cost per unit power.
  • Manufacturing– Solutions are developed to enable scalable manufacturing strategy at lower cost per unit.

Watch the video here


Solution #3 ECO 3D


Eco3d works on projects throughout the world, integrating the latest technologies. Eco3d is focused on transitioning businesses from the 2D technology to a world of digital 3D.



Solution #4 Pioneer Products


Every year, 11.5 billion dollars of recyclable products are thrown into landfills. 70% of the recoverable material is plastic and is worth over 8 billion dollars.

A forward-thinking group of retail experts recognized that these plastics were a potential revenue stream that was being ignored.

Using innovative technology, Pioneer Products began recovering plastic waste from retail supply chains and creating new consumer products with the reclaimed material.

Pioneer was one of the first to successfully turn waste into new products for retail partners and has increased reclamation every year. Last year, Pioneer converted over 500,000 pounds of plastic into new consumer goods which are sold in retail stores across the United States.

Pioneer’s vertically integrated business model, and relationship to Walmart was recently discussed in Talk Business & Politics

A good buy for long-term outlook

EARK is a collection of Industries providing real world solutions.

EARK has applied for an uplisting to a National Exchange such as the NASDAQ.  When this gets approved, what do you think will happen to the share price?  As Institutional Investors become fully aware of this opportunity, these prices may someday become a thing of the past.

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