Bill Gates Thinks Lab Grown Meat is in Our Future

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Bill Gates is known for being one of the richest men in the world and when he speaks, people listen.

Well Gates is now betting on what will be the food of the future and it’s not what many of you may think.

Gates, as well as Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, believe that lab-grown meat will be feeding future generations. The two men have both invested in lab-grown meat companies.

Several years ago Gates had even written on his blog,, that “Raising meat takes a great deal of land and water and has a substantial environmental impact.”

He explained then, “Put simply, there’s no way to produce enough meat for 9 billion people. Yet we can’t ask everyone to become vegetarians. That’s why we need more options for producing meat without depleting our resources.”

The fact that we our headed towards a global population of 9 billion people is scary enough as it is, and the idea of running out of food is even scarier. Perhaps these two wealthy men are on to something.