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Somerset, NJ, March 16, 2023 — McapMediaWire — Authentic Holdings, Inc., (OTC: AHRO) and Maybacks Global Entertainment have signed a Letter of Intent whereby Maybacks Global Entertainment, LLC will be acquired into a wholly owned subsidiary of Authentic Holdings, Inc.

Maybacks Global Entertainment LLC is run by a group of seasoned veterans in the media and entertainment world that had key roles in helping build companies like HBO, AMG and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Authentic Heroes Inc., the operating subsidiary of Authentic Holdings, Inc., had made an investment early on in Maybacks. Maybacks since, has had extraordinary success in expanding their reach to over 400,000,000 people worldwide.

Maybacks recently received approval for its programming to be carried on both ROKU and “Local Now”, Byron Allen’s rapidly growing digital media platform.

Maybacks is also in late stage negotiations with a major satellite dish-network to gain access to another very large opportunity in the direct broadcast service providers market. If completed the relationship will not only broaden Maybacks potential audience by 10 million households, but will also have a significant effect on advertising revenue going forward.

Creating the standout in both the “platform driven” and “Over the Air” television markets is the goal over the next few years for Maybacks; The network is off to a very strong start with over 20+ channels of programming, a large and fast growing audience and a very successful management team.

The acquisition with Maybacks will result in Authentic Holdings Inc., possibly owning the only “pure play”in the publicly traded markets directly related to the explosive growth that is the result of the “Cutting the Cord” phenomena.

We fully expect the closing with Maybacks to take place on or before April 15th, 2023 subject to, the completion of attorney due diligence, the completion of the definitive agreement and final approval by our board of directors. 

About Maybacks Global Entertainment

Maybacks Global is a rapidly growing international communications network with a reach of over 400,000,000 people worldwide. Maybacks handles full-service television operations from production, broadcasting, master controls, to advertising, and distribution.

Maybacks focuses on innovation in media as media services directionally follow economic trends; Maybacks partners with technological innovators in the broadcast and streaming industry has been instrumental in us reaching millions of homes, both regional and international with a diversified portfolio of programming.

About Authentic Holdings, Inc.

Authentic Holdings, Inc., (“AHRO”) is a publicly traded entertainment and authenticated collectibles company that owns patented technology used in the marketing of commemorative fan-wear through its subsidiary Authentic Heroes, Inc.; Authentic is also in the business of the remastering proprietary digital assets into vinyl records as well as the minting of non-fungible tokens on its proprietary Blockchain platform 

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