Addicted to Your Phone? There’s an App to Find Out

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We live in a world where our smart phones make life a lot easier and play a big role in helping us get our daily tasks completed. Unfortunately many of us are so attached to our smart phones that we may even be addicted.

There’s an app that can help smart phone users find out if they are. It helps users see just exactly how much they are on their phones and can even help assist in cutting back on using it.

The app is called Moment and it shows you how often you use your smartphone every day.

What happens if you use your smart phone for more than 3 hours? A bar turns red. There’s a page that even lets you see your usage by week and some members can even view their usage by quarter. To see this feature you must be a premium member and pay $3.99. Premium members also get “screen free” time where you can make it so your phone prevents you from using it at the allotted times you request.

There’s also a feature called Bootcamp that lasts for two weeks and can help you use the phone less.