Universal Media Group Inc. (OTC: UMGP) Prepares to Launch; “Stunnin’ In South Beach” to a Global Audience with Groundbreaking Social Media Integration and Revenue Prospects

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Miami, FL., July 2, 2024 – Universal Media Group Inc. (OTC: UMGP) – Set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami’s sun-drenched beaches and bustling nightlife, “Stunnin’ In South Beach” is set to capture the hearts and imaginations of viewers worldwide. This innovative reality show stars a charismatic ensemble of social media influencers whose glamorous lifestyles are matched only by the high-stakes challenges they face. With its premiere, the series is expected to draw in massive audiences and revolutionize how viewers engage with reality TV, thanks to its interactive and multi-platform approach.

As the influencers navigate the glamorous locales of Miami Beach, the show introduces an innovative, integrated app designed to maximize audience interaction and revenue generation through multiple verticals:

1. Subscription Services: The “Stunnin’ In” app offers a premium subscription model, allowing fans exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, live Q&A sessions with the influencers, and early episode releases. This tiered subscription model is designed to cater to varying viewer preferences and budgets.

2. Freemium and Ad-Supported Content: At the freemium level, users can access standard episode content supplemented by targeted advertising. This model ensures wide accessibility while generating substantial ad revenue from high traffic volumes.

3. In-App Purchases and Exclusive Merchandise: Fans can purchase show-themed merchandise directly through the app, ranging from designer clothing featured on the show to personalized items from the cast. Additionally, special in-app purchases offer viewers the chance to vote on certain show outcomes, increasing interactive engagement and additional revenue.

4. Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships: Leveraging the massive followings of the show’s influencers, “Stunnin’ In South Beach” is in the process of securing lucrative partnerships with high-end brands, integrating product placements seamlessly into the show’s content. These partnerships not only enhance the viewing experience but also open up substantial sponsorship revenue streams.

The show and its accompanying app are poised to redefine viewer engagement in reality television, creating a dynamic ecosystem where fan interaction directly influences content while driving diverse revenue streams, resulting in millions in revenues for Universal Media. “Stunnin’ In South Beach” is more than just a show; it’s a multi-platform experience that promises to deliver entertainment, exclusivity, and interaction like never before.

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Universal Media Group (OTC Pink: UMGP) is a publicly traded Digital Media Production company. Universal creates an eclectic array of content, including national television network celebrity programming.  The company will continue to pursue strategic business investments, partnerships, and acquisitions that will ultimately increase profitability and expand the company’s reach, focus, and portfolio of business assets.

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