TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC: TMSH) Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Better Health Sciences Inc., Signs an Exclusive Joint-Venture with Canna-King

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 24, 2023 – TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC: TMSH) a holdings company whose subsidiaries specialize in offering advanced products and services and assist patients in obtaining their medical licenses to produce and/or obtain medical cannabis from licensed producers is pleased to announce an Exclusive Joint-Venture with Canna-King.

The Exclusive Joint-Venture will encompass 1) the development of the 10 plus products for both the medical and recreational cannabis markets, 2) Formulations for production and licensing that will target the Canadian and American markets, 3) Solidifying manufacturing space and channeling existing and future products for current medical patients across Canada.

Furthermore, through collaboration with top naturopathic doctors advising on products that are valuable to patients in the natural wellness space, Canna-King is committed to providing  quality formulations/products to patients/customers through the development of enhanced natural health products.

Canna-King was founded in 2015 when their team was asked to formulate a fast acting, repeatable and reliable medicine. That is when Candrops was developed, an instantly and easily water soluble formulation with stable nanoemulsion that was fully absorbable, fast acting and predictable.

From that point on Canna-King has been on a mission to source and produce the best quality, effective and sustainable products in the medical wellness and health fields with a focus on cannabinoid therapy as an alternative to traditional medication.

Their product lines include the best products from topicals to oral solutions available in the market.

Ilya Strashun, the CEO of TransGlobal Assets Inc., states “I’m extremely pleased with the signing of this Exclusive Joint-Venture with Canna-King. I look forward to working with their professional team and bringing additional value to our shareholders. Their current product line and ability to formulate some of the best products out there give them a leading competitive edge in both the medical and recreational markets. Their products have tremendous application for medical patients. Offering much needed consistency and efficacy to an underserved market. Together we have a shared vision for the future of medical wellness.We look forward to a mutually beneficial journey, driving growth and leading to increased revenue for both companies”.

We invite prospective investors to delve into this transformative investment opportunity by navigating our digital domains:,,, and These platforms reveal the exciting potential within TMSH, providing a unique vantage point into a promising future.

TransGlobal Assets Inc. is a publicly traded business holdings company that consists of: 1) Better Health Sciences, Inc. is a company that specializes in revolutionizing the health and wellness industries by offering advanced products and services. Their primary focus is on staying at the forefront of the health and wellness sectors, developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions that drive industry growth and positively impact people’s lives. 2) Cannascribe Inc., on the other hand, has been operating in the medical cannabis industry since 2014. Their main objective is to assist patients in obtaining their medical licenses to produce and/or obtain medical cannabis from licensed producers (LPs). To provide the best advice and service to their patients/clients, Cannascribe Inc. has built a network across Canada. This network includes partnerships with LPs, equipment suppliers, product specialists, medical/wellness clinics, educational affiliates, as well as political and advocacy groups. 3) Synergy Health Services Inc., is a multidisciplinary Wellness Centre that provides evidence-based natural health care to clients seeking to change or improve their lives. Synergy Health Services Inc., combines traditional medical pain management with chiropractors, yoga, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage allowing us to care for you as a whole person and not just your individual parts.

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