SPZI: JP 3E Holdings, Inc. Names Two Prominent Board of Directors; Rolf Bela Wenz and Kisoo Kim

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JP Energy Global, wholly owned subsidiary of JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz Inc., joins grandson of ThyssenKrupp and former Executive President of Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) 

Clearwater, FL., January 10, 2024 – JP Energy Global, PTE, LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc. (OTC: SPZI), is pleased to announce the addition of two members of the Board – Rolf Bela Wenz and Kisoo Kim.

Rolf Bela Wenz comes from the Krupp founding family. ThyssenKrupp (TK) is an approximate $44 billion company based on Sales for the year end 2022. Mr. Wenz will assume the role of Chairman of JP Energy Global, wholly owned subsidiary of JP 3E Holdings, Inc. and the Transfer Pricing Division of ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies GmbH. He has been with ThyssenKrupp AG since 1974. ThyssenKrupp (TK) was the result of a 1997 merger between Thyssen and Krupp completed. Mr. Wenz completed his training as an industrial clerk at Krupp while attending all Krupp work schools to include Krupp University. Mr. Wenz has been responsible for controlling the areas of plant construction, mining, cement, chemicals and shipyards, as well as TK headquarters and TK Industrial Solutions AG. He was intimately involved with the TK IPO and introduced US GAAP Accounting and SAP worldwide. During his tenure at TK, he has managed various divisions and lived for TK companies in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, China, India, South Africa and Australia. Additionally, he worked independently for the ERDOS Group in China. He has decades of experience trading raw materials and finished products specifically in the areas of steel, iron ore, coal, ferro-alloys, crude oil and oil products, and metals of all kinds. “I am looking forward to assisting JP3E to achieve success through global expansion, distribution, while increasing shareholder value with the goal of achieving a multibillion-dollar valuation,” said Rolf.

Ki-soo Kim (aka Kisoo) is the former Head of Korea Gas Corporation’s (KOGAS) introduction and sales division, and the former Executive President of KOGAS. In 2022, KOGAS’ revenues totaled 51.72 trillion South Korean Won (the equivalent of over $39 billion USD). He joined KOGAS in 1992. He completed the Specialist Course at the University of Exeter, UK, and then became the General Manager of the Uzbekistan Project Team and the Terminal Operation Team. Following the Uzbekistan Project, Kim became the Managing Director of KOGAS Canada. Kisoo went on to become the General Manager for the Unconventional Geoscience Team, the Technical Standards Team, the Business Development Team, the LNG Shipping Team, and the Procurement Strategy and Long-Term SPA Team. He was then promoted to the Executive Vice President of the Marketing and the Safety Divisions. “I believe our companies possess tremendous synergies, experienced and motivated management that will result in exponential growth faster than I have ever seen in any of the other companies I have served” said Ki-soo Kim.

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