Second Metaverse Spectrum Conference Highlights Impact of Expanding Business Metaverse, AI and Spatial Computing

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POMPANO BEACH, FL, August 16, 2023 – The Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference, hosted by the Metaverse Spectrum, an online marketplace for metaverse solutions and Web 3.0 technologies, is poised to be an exciting and comprehensive event that delves into the myriad opportunities emerging within the metaverse business market.

Scheduled for December 6, 2023, the conference will feature a diverse range of topics and speakers that highlight the growing impact of the metaverse on various industries. The event will include a PitchFest on December 7, where participants will present their business cases for funding, followed by the second annual Metaverse 100 Awards which celebrate cutting-edge innovations in metaverse technology. The event will also feature an Author’s Hub for engaging with metaverse-related book authors.

The Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference aims to be a valuable platform for individuals and businesses looking to explore the burgeoning metaverse market, learn from industry leaders, and connect with like-minded professionals,” said Sabrina George, Senior Vice President of The Metaverse Spectrum.

Key Features and Highlights of the Event:

Virtual Setting in the Metaverse: The conference will be set within the metaverse, demonstrating the possibilities of immersive and virtual environments for hosting large-scale events.

Diverse Business Opportunities: The event will showcase a wide array of metaverse business applications and opportunities. These include collaborative work, training, product development, marketing, finance, advertising, manufacturing, energy, mobility, and location-based entertainment.

User-Centric Approach: The conference will provide real-life examples of the metaverse’s impact on various businesses, presenting user-centric experiences to demonstrate the practical utility of metaverse technologies.

Prominent Speakers: Esteemed speakers from reputable organizations and institutions including Sandbox, Decentraland, Tata Consultancy, Ernst & Young, Standard Chartered Bank, KPMG, and the City of Tampere, Finland, will share their insights and expertise.

AI and XR in Metaverse Marketing: Discussions will cover topics such as the role of AI and extended reality (XR) in metaverse marketing, showcasing how these technologies are shaping advertising and promotional strategies.

Finance and Industrial Applications: Speakers will delve into the financial and industrial applications of the metaverse, offering insights into how these sectors are leveraging virtual environments.

Innovative Uses of the Metaverse: One session will highlight how the metaverse is being utilized to help develop a prototype fusion energy plant in the UK, demonstrating its potential in cutting-edge scientific research.

Networking Opportunities: The conference is expected to draw a diverse audience of 1,000 attendees from various sectors, providing an unparalleled networking platform for attendees to connect and collaborate.

Second Metaverse 100 Awards: This prestigious award is set to honor outstanding products and services that epitomize raw innovation, unique features, and remarkable contributions to advancing metaverse technology. The 2023 award categories are Metaverse Platforms, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web3.

Virtual Expo Hall: Attendees can explore virtual exhibits and live demos in the expo hall, gaining hands-on experience with different metaverse platforms and services.

PitchFest and Funding: The PitchFest will allow participants to seek funding from a vast network of high net worth investors, investment banks and other funding sources, offering an exciting opportunity for innovative metaverse-based business ideas to gain financial backing.

Author’s Hub: Attendees can engage with authors who have written books about the metaverse, expanding their understanding of the topic.

Sponsorship Opportunities: A range of sponsorship packages, including affordable options, are available for companies looking to showcase their support for the metaverse business ecosystem.

AI-Enhanced Avatars: An AI-enhanced avatar feature will provide attendees with seamless navigation and interaction throughout the event’s program.

Those interested in attending or learning more about sponsorship opportunities can contact Sabrina George, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference, for further information.

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