PRISM MarketView Spotlights BioStem Technologies in the Expanding Wound Care Market

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New York, N.Y. February 26, 2024 PRISM MarketView announces the release of an insightful interview with BioStem Technologies‘ (OTC: BSEM) CEO, Jason Matuszewski, discussing the company’s strategic focus on revolutionizing the wound care market through innovative regenerative medicine solutions.

BioStem Technologies, a frontrunner in regenerative medicine, is dedicated to leveraging the healing properties of placental-derived allografts to enhance wound care. The company stands out for its use of the patented BioRetain® process, which preserves the integrity of perinatal tissues, differentiating BioStem’s products from competitors. Matuszewski highlights, “We harness the natural properties of perinatal tissue… using our patented six-step BioRetain process, which allows us to deliver a product that maintains the structural integrity of the tissue.”

In conversation with PRISM MarketView, Matuszewski sheds light on BioStem’s extensive product portfolio, including VENDAJEⓇ and AmnioWrap2™, and the company’s commitment to clinical excellence through ongoing trials, notably a 100-patient study evaluating Vendaje® for treating diabetic foot ulcers. “We’re excited about the trial and believe it will provide invaluable real-world support for healthcare professionals,” Matuszewski commented, emphasizing the company’s dedication to delivering evidence-based solutions for chronic wound care. The full interview can be found at:

About BioStem Technologies

BioStem Technologies is a leading innovator focused on harnessing the natural properties of perinatal tissue in the development, manufacture and commercialization of allografts for regenerative therapies. The Company is focused on manufacturing products that change lives, leveraging its proprietary BioREtain® processing method. BioREtain® has been developed by applying the latest research in regenerative medicine, focused on maintaining growth factors and preserving tissue structure. BioStem Technologies’ quality management system and standard operating procedures have been reviewed and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). These systems and procedures are established per current Good Tissue Practices (cGTP) and current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP). Our portfolio of quality brands includes AmnioWrap2™, VENDAJE®, VENDAJE AC® and VENDAJE OPTIC®. Each BioStem Technologies placental allograft is processed at the Company’s FDA-registered and AATB-accredited site in Pompano Beach, Florida. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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