Premier Biomedical Inc. (BIEI), now known as Premier Graphene, Inc., engages Gustavo Carreño as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Mr. Carreño’s experience and connections in Mexico furnishes Premier with unique advantages for closing its pending transactions

Imperial Valley, CA, March 7, 2024Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC: BIEI) proudly announces the appointment of visionary industry leader, Gustavo Carreño, as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Mr. Carreño is poised to steer the Company into a future defined by groundbreaking innovation and transformative growth. With a proven track record at the forefront of technology-driven business evolution, the newly appointed CTO is primed to facilitate Premier Graphene’s foray into our construction, oil & gas, and graphene manufacturing sectors with great expertise and strategic foresight.

Drawing from a distinguished tenure at Hermosillo, a leading player in the construction industry in Mexico, where he spearheaded business-oriented technology initiatives that propelled the Company to the top of the industry nationwide, Gustavo brings invaluable insights into leveraging technology to drive operational excellence and market leadership. His 25 years of expertise, honed across various industries, position him uniquely to help lead Premier Graphene’s efforts in optimizing manufacturing processes and solidifying its position as an industry trailblazer. Gustavo says: “I have known Premier’s President Pedro Mendez for some years now. My decision to join Premier is prompted by Pedro’s integrity, coupled with his disciplined work ethic and perseverance. I believe in the Mendez brothers’ vision to be the leaders in this new and exciting strategic resource. I want to play a crucial role in helping to facilitate the realization of their vision for a successful Premier Graphene.”

His experience serving as Managing Director for the Middle East and North Africa regions at Black Argentum LLC and CEO of Opulence Group, makes Gustavo uniquely qualified for this position. In these pursuits he cultivated invaluable connections between the Middle East and Latin America, unlocking lucrative cross-border opportunities in the oil & gas, commodity trading, and real estate development realms. This experience further enriches his strategic perspective, enabling him to identify and capitalize on synergies between industries and drive sustainable growth for Premier Graphene.

According to Premier Graphene’s CEO Ivan Mendez, “Gustavo’s appointment as our new CTO is an exciting milestone for our Company. His wealth of experience and strategic vision will be a great addition to our already talented team.”

Gustavo’s experience in revolutionizing operations through tech modernization and strategic initiatives underscores his ability to navigate complex business landscapes and implement innovative solutions tailored to industry needs. As Premier Graphene embarks on a journey of innovation and growth, the appointment of Gustavo as the new CTO signals a bold step towards a future defined by limitless possibilities.

Premier Graphene eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of his leadership, as he works tirelessly to bring technological innovations to existing hemp-based graphene production while helping to explore these new very promising fields.

Pedro Mendez – President

Gustavo Carreño

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