Most Popular PRISM MarketView Articles in 2023

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New York, December 29, 2023 – 2023 was a year filled with significant developments in emerging stocks, featuring a wide range of topics from clinical updates and strategic partnerships to earnings reports. Notable stories include Oncocyte’s initiation of the FDA submission process for its kidney transplant monitoring test, SKYX’s partnership with Kichler, and Soluna’s robust Q3 earnings. The year also saw engaging discussions on unique topics like full moon trading, Thanksgiving strategies, and the ever-popular cheeseburger economics.

Below is a summary of PRISM MarketView’s top articles from 2023, showcasing the market’s vibrancy and the diversity of reader interests:

1. Oncocyte Starts FDA Submissions Process for Kidney Transplant Monitoring Test

OncoCyte (Nasdaq:OXC) began the FDA process for its VitaGraft kidney transplant assays, with PRISM Biotech Editor Catie Corcoran offering  insights into this breakthrough in precision diagnostics.

2. Smart Technology, Smarter Partnership: SKYX and Kichler Collaborate on Next-Gen, High-End Lighting

SKY Technologies (Nasdaq:SKYX) expands in the lighting and ceiling fan market with its advanced and smart technology products.

3. Dishing Out Thanksgiving Day Ideas: Foods For Thought and Portfolio Plays

Markets Editor Ashlee Vogenthaler combines humor with practical tips for Thanksgiving, offering both culinary and investment suggestions.

4. Small-Cap Stocks: A Potential Bright Spot in Recessionary Times

PRISM MarketView’s analysis of three small-cap stocks provides valuable insights for investors eyeing this segment during recessionary periods.

5. Cassava Sciences One Step Closer to Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Cassava Sciences (Nasdaq: SAVA) reports encouraging safety reviews of simufilam, its candidate for Alzheimer’s treatment.

6. Once In A Blue Moon: Is Moon Phase Trading Effective?

An exploration into the strategy of trading based on the moon’s phases and its effectiveness.

7 .Quoin Shares Corporate Update, Positive Clinical Data and Q3 Financial Results

Quoin Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:QNRX) shows promising results in its Netherton Syndrome trial and strategic global expansion.

8. Lexaria’s DehydraTECH Technology Improves Performance of GLP-1 drug, Rybelsus®

Catie Corcoran covers emerging drug delivery technology company Lexaria Bioscience (Nasadq:LEXX), as they look to enter the $18.75b GLP-1 market.

9. Soluna Holdings Q3 Earnings Report Energizes Stock, Trades Up 30% Over Past 5 Days

Soluna Holdings (Nasdaq:SLNH) experiences a positive market reaction following its strong financial performance in the third quarter.

10. Check Your Order Ticket. These Burger Stocks May Be “Mooving” on National Cheeseburger Day.

Ashlee Vogenthaler mixes fun facts and insight into the world of cheeseburgers and their market relevance.

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