MetatronAI ($MRNJ) is Spearheading the Unprecedented AI Revolution

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Dover, DE, October 12, 2023 – Metatron Apps Inc., (OTC: MRNJ) solidifies its stance in the competitive landscape of AI and mobile app development, embodying a harmonious blend of technological advancement and strategic fiscal orchestration.

As the generative AI sector undergoes transformative growth, a report by Bloomberg Intelligence anticipates a significant upsurge from $40 billion in 2022 to $1.3 trillion within a decade, boasting a 42% CAGR. This expansive trajectory is forecasted to be motivated by the evolution in training infrastructure and diversification into specialized software, services, and complex language inference devices. Tech giants are expected to lead this progression, contributing an estimated additional $280 billion to the software revenue ecosystem.

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In the highly competitive domain of AI, Metatron holds a distinctive edge, potentially being the only public OTC company that can boast of operational, effective, and innovative AI services. This unique positioning accentuates its role as a leader in the sector, embodying a synergy of advanced technology and market accessibility.

Metatron unveils an avant-garde AI-powered content creation platform, marking the inception of a phase characterized by enhanced efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness. This innovative development is aimed at empowering businesses to refine and optimize content production strategies, reinforcing Metatron’s eminent position in the AI arena.

The introduction of the Text-to-Video service underscores Metatron’s commitment to innovation, offering a dynamic tool that transforms textual content into captivating video narratives, augmenting content accessibility and audience engagement.

In collaboration with, Metatron accentuates a convergence of efficiency and creativity. This partnership promises an array of tools engineered to fuse innovation with practical application, amplifying the resourcefulness available to content creators and businesses alike.

LegalEaze, another pioneering service within Metatron’s portfolio, is devised to distill complex legal terminologies and narratives, enhancing accessibility and fostering a universal understanding of intricate legal processes and documentation.

A partnership with HempCoin THC blockchain heralds the unveiling of an innovative mobile game. This initiative, interweaving AI and blockchain, promises not only entertainment but an insightful exploration into the evolving cannabis business landscape.

The company’s commendable fiscal health is articulated through a significant reduction in debt and convertible notes, illuminating a path characterized by resilience and innovation. This fiscal fortitude signals a promising trajectory, affirming Metatron’s positioning as a force of growth and innovation.

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Metatron Apps is a leader in AI-driven solutions, offering a comprehensive all-in-one platform equipped with a suite of AI tools designed to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and drive creativity. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you have the tools your company need to excel in the digital age.


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