Evergreen Group unveils new corporate haven in M’sia with HWG partnership

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KUALA LUMPUR, November 7, 2023 Evergreen Group Holdings and Holistic Wealth Group (HWG) have joined forces to transform the financial industry landscape in Malaysia.

From left: Desmond Sim (COO Evergreen Group Holdings), David Yong (CEO Evergreen Group Holdings), Dato Chua (CEO and Co-founder, HWG), Kathryn Khoo (Co-founder, HWG), Elsie Loo (Co-founder, HWG) at the event

The financial entity known for its Fund Management and Financial Institution Licenses in various Asian regions has for the first time opened its corporate office in Pisteuo’s UpTown Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

HWG is currently leading an amazing journey of growth and transformation, with a clear goal of becoming the top-notch provider of wealth management services. This partnership of the pioneer business will surely shed light on the future of the clients, making their lives more fulfilling.

Evergreen Group Holdings: A leading financial entity with a vision for positive impact

David Yong, Evergreen Group Holdings CEO who is also a Well-known Singaporean K-pop artiste said: “We are committed to long-term commitment and positive impact.”

He added that Evergreen Group Holdings aims to transform the financial industry landscape through strategic partnerships, comprehensive financial advisory, and socially responsible initiatives.

Yong said, “The milestone will be celebrated alongside the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with HWG, a leading wealth management company. Furthermore, we embrace the latest advancements in the financial industry to provide the best possible service.”

Moving forward, he added that their dedication to excellence and innovation will continue to set new benchmarks in wealth management and positively impact the financial well-being of their clients.

“This venture will contribute to the improvement of the financial landscape and enable the provision of comprehensive financial advisory to individuals, businesses, and institutions.”

A historic partnership – equal emphasis on Evergreen and HWG

This partnership is not just about collaboration; it’s about creating a financial ecosystem that addresses the diverse financial needs of the region.

In addition to the partnership announcement, HWG will also celebrate a significant milestone for its subsidiary company Maxima, which operates under the HWG umbrella.

Maxima CEO Jenson Lim said: “We have achieved noteworthy success in obtaining the BNM approved financial advisory and crafting a top-tier, industry-disruptive strategy that will propel its financial advisers into exponential growth.

“Evergreen Group Holdings is dedicated to making a positive impact on society and we are proud to announce our collaboration with government bodies to provide crucial financial backing to affordable housing schemes,” he added.

He said the MoU signing ceremony will mark a historic moment in the wealth management industry as Evergreen Group Holdings and HWG take a monumental step towards the community.

“Together, Evergreen Group Holdings and HWG are underway to offer more cross border financial product solution which will be a valuable asset,” he added.

Yong said the partnership with HWG promises to enhance the capabilities of both organisations and expand the range of financial products and services they can offer.

These initiatives further demonstrate the commitment of this joint venture to meet the diverse financial needs of the region.

HWG: A collaborative force with a client centric approach

As a trendy collaborator with a touch of pizzazz – HWG, a prominent wealth management company join forces to offer a variety of financial advisory to individuals, businesses and institutions.

Its CEO, Datuk Chua Meng Min said: “With a focus on client centricity, HWG prioritises the needs and desires of all stakeholders in providing innovative financial solutions and driving growth within the industry.

“The key to achieving this mission lies in our commitment to nurturing and empowering the most talented individuals in the wealth management field. Their expertise and unwavering dedication ensure that our clients’ financial aspirations are realised,” he remarked.

Chua said the company takes great pride in offering a wide range of innovative and diversified portfolio solutions, perfectly tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs.

The partnership with HWG promises to enhance the capabilities of both organisations and expand the range of financial products and services they can offer, Yong said.

Recognising that housing plays a vital role in maintaining stable communities and enhancing the quality of life, Yong and Evergreen Group COO Desmond Sim said the partnership aims to facilitate access to safe and affordable housing for as many individuals and families as possible.

“This collaboration reflects their vision for long-term commitment and positive social impact,” the initiators said.

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