Terra Tech Corp. (OTC: TRTC) Attacks ShopRite Stores With Killer Healthy Lettuce

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Terra Tech Corp. announced this week that it’s subsidiary, Edible Garden, a retail seller of locally grown hydroponic produce, herbs, and floral products, has shipped its very first order of nutritionally-enhanced lettuce to ShopRite Supermarkets.

More non-GMO products are a great sign of the times as people are getting reality checks on the major comparisons between GMO foods and non-GMO foods.

GMO is the shortened version of “genetically modified organism.” Has anybody really absorbed the definition of a genetically modified organism? This is an organism whos genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.
Since when do we have to eat like we’re on the Star Trek Enterprise?

Edible Garden’s lettuce is the latest addition to the company’s product line of non-GMO fruits and vegetables and was developed in partnership with Nutrasorb LLC under the name SUPERLEAF™, in conjunction with Rutgers University. Edible Garden grows and sells two product lines under the SUPERLEAF brand: the Living Salad Mix, a living salad blend high in nutrients, and the fresh cut, ready-to-eat SUPERLEAF Spring Mix.

Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech, stated, “ShopRite is a leading supermarket in the U. S. with over 300 stores in the Northeast. This order further cements our relationship with ShopRite while demonstrating the value of our product and our growing partnership with Nutrasorb. Through this established customer, our lettuce will be given peak exposure to a broader audience allowing us to gain a sense of its marketing capabilities nationwide. We have always said developing new innovative products to distribute through our existing sales channels is a primary growth driver for Edible Garden and I am pleased we are executing on that strategy. We will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products and hope the public enjoys our innovative lettuce super blend for everything it has to offer.”