Is Olive Oil The Next Luxury Food?

Due to some erratic weather across the Mediterranean, the price of olive oil has gone a little crazy.

The Mediterranean region’s olive crops have been struggling and according to The Washington Post, it has been the cause for the price of extra-virgin olive oil to jump 30 percent in Italy, 10 percent in Spain, and 17 percent in Greece.

Some experts have even said that overall global production is set to fall around 8 percent this season.

According to Bloomberg, “Hot, muggy weather in Italy attracted olive fruit flies and helped bacteria to flourish, damaging groves. The nation’s production is expected to plunge as much as 50 percent this season. In Greece, last spring’s heat waves are poised to cut output by about one-fourth. Floods in Andalusia, Spain’s main growing region, ruined its harvest.”

It might be time to load up now!

Sofia Vida

Sofia has been writing for major news outlets for over 15 years. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, walking her dogs, and going to concerts.

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