$60,000 A Year Could Get You Good Living In These Cities

When you’re living in California or New York, $60,000 a year doesn’t stretch easily. You find yourself in dire straights and needing more than one income to survive when you have a family.

There are some cities in the U.S. that can provide you a quality life for that salary. Ever wonder what they are?

Here’s the list, thanks to a 2016 report that job-hunting site Glassdoor came out with. They calculated the top spots where your pay will go furthest, based on salaries and home values.

Here they are:

1. Louisville, KY
2. Kansas City, MO
3. Birmingham, AL
4. Cincinnati, OH
5. St. Louis, MO
6. Indianapolis, IN
7. Cleveland, OH
8. Pittsburgh, PA
9. Memphis, TN
10. Detroit, MI

Sofia Vida

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