You Won’t Believe This Alternate Titanic Ending

For those of you who loved the movie Titanic, and have always been angry at how it ended, there was an actual alternate ending.

No, Leonardo Dicaprio’s character Jack still does not make it.

This alternate scene revolves around Rose throwing the diamond necklace into the water. According to Bill Paxton, who played Brock Lovett, the original scene played out differently.

“It was an ending where Gloria Stuart actually has the diamond,” Paxton said. “I’m on some other part of the ship with Suzy Amis, who plays her granddaughter. And we see her, we think she’s going to jump off the stern of the ship and join her lost lover over the wreck site. So we run up to her and say, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it!’ I forget what the dialogue was.”

“She turns and she’s holding the diamond, and my character’s been all about finding this diamond because he’s a mercenary treasure hunter,” Paxton continued.

“And she says something to me about ‘You don’t know what to really value in life’ and throws the diamond in. I just have an epiphany where I look up and I have this crazy laugh. I mean, I would have shot heroin to make the scene work better.”

Paxton recently passed away from complications from surgery.

Sofia Vida

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