Woman Gets Life In Prison For Abusing Her Granddaughter Dressed As A Witch

Well, I think this abuse case may take the cake.

According to People, a woman in Oklahoma city was just sentenced to life in prison for abusing her 7-year old granddaughter. The strange part? She dressed as a witch to do it.

Geneva Robinson, 51, and her 33 year-old boyfriend and co-defendant, Joshua Granger, both pleaded guilty two months ago for the child abuse and neglect charges.

Granger received a 30-year sentence for helping Robinson while Robinson received life in prison. The defendants had faced a combined 29 counts of felony child abuse and neglect at the beginning.

Prosectors said that Robinson had abused her granddaughter for more than a year. She would burn the child with cigarettes and beat her with a rolling pin, all while dressed in green skin and black clothing. Robinson would assume the persona of the abusive “Nelda the Witch,” during these times, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

The child was also taken out of school and deprived of food. Court records also showed that the grandmother would force the girl into sleeping outside with her dogs.

One cell phone video of the abuse was shown, in which Robinson, dressed as “Nelda”, grabbed the child by her throat and dragged her across the floor while telling her she was going to eat her.

People declined to publish the video and I can understand why.

While it is not clear where the child, who is 9 now, is living with, she did address her grandmother in court with a letter that she wrote.

It read, “I love you. I forgive you. You’re the best grandmother I ever had.”

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