This Is The Reason Taylor Swift Hasn’t Been Seen In Months

Where is Taylor Swift? No, she hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth, but the last time she was actually photographed by paparazzi was back in January.

Swift’s last photo of her was on January 11th when she was heading into a Body by Simone workout class.

She then of course performed over Super Bowl weekend, but after that? Nothing.

So where has the multi-millionaire pop star gone?

According to E!, Swift is in Nashville Tennessee. E! has said that Swift “has been busy working on her upcoming album.”

She went to Nashville in order to “get away from the paparazzi.”

According to E!, Swift has been trying to figure out the ‘sound’ of her new music, and whether she’ll continue with pop or go back to country.

We should be seeing some new material from the artist by the end of 2017, but will it be pop? Will it be country? That’s what we don’t know yet.

Just this week Swift’s $25 million Beverly Hills mansion was approve to be designated as a historic city landmark.

This is because the 11,000 square foot home, known as the Samuel Goldwyn Estate, was owned by Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn who co-founded the studio which eventually became MGM.

Built in 1934, the mansion had stars like Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin hanging out in it.

The home was marked for preservation because it “possesses a high artistic or aesthetic value and embodies the distinctive characteristics of an architectural style … type… or period.”

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