Rapper Tyga Was Taken Away By Police In Hollywood

It looks like Tyga doesn’t have much luck with the law, but then again, his problems with the law are his own doing.

The rapper, who is also famously known for dating Kylie Jenner for years (though they are on a break now) was detained by the LAPD on Tuesday night after he left a Hollywood club called Avenue.

The 27-year old rapper, who’s real name is Michael Ray Stevenson, was hauled away by officers and put into a squad car and taken away.

According to TMZ, Tyga was suspected of driving under the influence and was taken into custody. The rapper was later released after being at the police station for 90 minutes with only a traffic ticket.

TMZ has reported that he was not arrested, and he was not charged with a crime. A source tells E! News, “Tyga was at Avenue with friends and he was not drinking.”

E! reported that the musician was driving his custom Mercedes G-Series after a night out at Avenue Nightclub.

Tyga was then pulled over on the corner of 1600 North and Cherokee Avenue for running a stop sign and having no license plates. After talking to several officers, Tyga voluntarily left his car and was then handcuffed and put into a police car.

When the paparazzi asked him why he was being arrested, he responded with, “Because I have paper plates.”

Tyga said his vehicle was new and that he had just bought it.

Tyga has also been accused of letting his team beat a man who delivered him court paper back in November at the Penthouse club in West Hollywood.

The rapper has also been sued for failing to make car payments on his Ferrari and he skipped a court hearing last year over a $480,000 judgment his former landlord had won for back rent and damage to the Malibu home he had rented.

Hmm.. this seems like a lot of trouble with the law in just a year.

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