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Published on June 12th, 2017 | by Sofia Vida


President Donald Trump Once Asked Out Selma Hayek

We all know President Trump loves beautiful women so it’s no surprise that he would put the moves on actress Selma Hayek.

Hayek was on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last Thursday and the 50-year old actress finally gave a full story behind how the president once asked her out many years ago.

Hayek said it started when she and Trump were at the same even and he put his coat over her shoulders when she became cold. He had been sitting right behind her.

“I turn around and my boyfriend — so charming, so nice — he said hello [to Trump].”

“[Trump] said, ‘I’m sorry, your girlfriend, I saw she was cold.’ And then he kept talking to my boyfriend.”

So while President Trump kept talking to Hayek’s boyfriend, he then invited the both of them to his hotel in Atlantic City in New Jersey. He also asked for their phone numbers and despite never calling her boyfriend, he did call Hayek.

“He’s inviting me out, and I’m like, ‘What about my boyfriend? Am I crazy? Are you asking me out? You know I have a boyfriend,’ ” she explained to him.

His response? ‘He’s not good enough for you. He’s not important, he’s not big enough for you. You have to go out with me.’”

Well she never did.

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