Model Dies From Whipped Cream Can Exploding

Who would have thought whipped cream could kill you? A French model/fitness blogger passed away over the weekend after a whipped cream canister exploded.

According to the prosecutor’s office in the eastern city of Mulhouse, French authorities are investigating the death of Rebecca Burger and whether or not a faulty siphon on a high-pressure canister used to make and dispense whipped cream was at fault.

According to officials and the company, Burger was hit by an exploding whipped cream canister that was withdrawn from the market back in 2013. Ard’time, who manufactures the product, has said the product has not been on the market since a “first incident implicating a siphon” back in February of 2013.

Consumer magazine 60 Million Consumers has reported that the can exploded into Burger’s chest violently and caused her to have a heart attack. A picture on her instagram was uploaded by her family, showing a dismantled example of the type of canister that hit Burger and “struck the thorax.” The actual device is with authorities.

“Unfortunately, there are still lots of siphons of all brands that remain potentially dangerous as time passes,” said Ard’time.

Sofia Vida

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