Mary Kay Letourneau’s Ex-Husband Had This To Say About Her Recent Divorce

Mary Kay Letourneau will forever be known as the teacher who slept with a sixth grader at the age of 34. Not only did she sleep with him but she became impregnated by him twice. She was already a married woman during this affair, and was a mother to four children.

It was in 1999 that her then husband Steven filed for divorce, after the affair had already been going on for three years.

Letourneau and her ex-husband had been married for fifteen years before it all fell apart. He was granted custody of all four children during the time as Letournea was put behind bars to serve a seven-and-a-half years sentence.

Surprisingly, Letourneau and the sixth grader Vili Fualaau remained a couple, had two children, and were even married. They just announced last month that they are separating.

Steve, Letourneau’s ex-husband, issued a statement to People Magazine about the news and said, “I’ve moved on and I have nothing to say.” Can’t really blame the guy. He also remarried and had more children and lives in Alaska.

Apparently the divorce between Letourneau and Fualaau is for business purposes and not for any personal reasons.

“It’s not necessarily what you think,” Fualaau, who is now 33, told Radar Online. In an exclusive interview he said, “Everything is fine between us.”

“All the rumors that you hear between us. It’s fine,” he said. “Of course [we are still in love]. A piece of paper doesn’t break someone’s feelings!”

It seems that Fualaau wants to start a “Cigaweed” business and in order to sell marijuana ciguarettes, he can’t have a wife that is a convicted felon.

“When you want to get licensed, they do background checks on both parties,” Fualaau told Radar Online. “If I decide to be a part of it I have to be licensed and I have to be vetted and so does a spouse. She has a past. She has a history.”

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