Justin Bieber Just Ditched Floyd Mayweather on Instagram

Floyd Mayweather has a lot to think about right now as he gears up for the big fight between him and Conor McGregor in Vegas this weekend. Mayweather will be battling McGregor on August 26th.

Another thing Mayweather is thinking about is probably what happened to his friendship with Justin Bieber. The “Despacito” singer unfriended Mayweather on Instagram recently.

There was a time when Bieber was often seen accompanying Mayweather into the ring for several of his big fights, but according to sources close to both of the men, the two are not even on speaking terms today.

TMZ recently reported that Bieber has been getting counseling at the Hillsong Church. Part of this counseling may include parting ways with bad influences.

Sources have said Mayweather called Beiber a “traitor” because the boxer had always been there for Bieber in his moments when he faced backlash.

TMZ also reported that Bieber will not be attending the big fight this weekend.

Sofia Vida

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