Gwyneth Paltrow is the Face of Goop but She Doesn’t Want To Be

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for saying things that get people talking. Remember “consciously uncoupling”? She is not only an Oscar winner but the face behind her media company, Goop. The problem is however, that it doesn’t seem like she wants to be the face of it,

“My dream is that one day for people to say: ‘Wait, did Gwyneth Paltrow have something to do with that company?’ That the company really becomes a global brand that’s a truly modern lifestyle brand, with (a) wellness focus. It’s why I didn’t call it ‘Gwyneth Paltrow’. I really wanted to create a brand that would stand on its own,” she said on Tuesday to an audience of media executives.

“It’s always something we are thinking about – when am I leveraging my personal self for the brand – and I think we are making a lot of progress and the brand is getting big, very big, and it would be my dream to not have to be the face of it,” she added.

“I’ve had a lot of moments where I’m thinking ‘why the f— am I doing this?’ It has become about holding on to my vision and being undeterred from it. It’s really interesting being a woman who has shifted from one public facing image that people were comfortable with, into something else that people are not comfortable with,” she remarked on her transition from acting to the wellness industry.

“We are growing really quickly, things are great, but there is constant push back from the status quo, from society as it is and we still live in a very patriarchal society that’s very controlled by capitalism. And sometimes my voice is an irritant in that and me encouraging women to take autonomy for themselves is like a problem, but I feel like we are trying to do something important.”

Sofia Vida

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