Cher Is In Hot Water Over This Tweet

Goddess of Pop, Cher, has been receiving backlash from fans over an “insensitive” tweet she posted in the wak of Turkey’s Ataturk Airport attack.

The Istanbul airport was the victim of a terror attack on Tuesday evening that left 36 people dead and as many as 150 hurt and injured.

The singer tweeted: “We all pray for innocent ppl in turkey airport (sic).”

That tweet looks harmless enough, but she added the fused bomb emoji and a blast emoji character to it.

One fan responded: “Do we really use bomb and explosion emojis right now? Its like your promoting them (sic).”

Another fan exclaimed, ““Really Cher? Bomb emojis? Grow up!”

This is not the first attack to hit Turkey this year. In fact, the country has had several bombings in recent months.

Perhaps the emoji characters weren’t appropriate, but Cher’s message on praying for the innocent people should be looked at first-most.

Sofia Vida

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